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Fighting in the war room

Guns as practical and guns as political collide. While I, for practical reasons, agree with Rob, I’m in the odd position of also agreeing with Alan for political reasons. The Wookiee Suiter in me says Yes, carry for any damn reason you choose because you can. The practical side of me says Well, if I’m open carrying when something happens, I’ll likely be involved whether I needed to be or not. YMMV.

5 Responses to “Fighting in the war room”

  1. Rivrdog Says:

    I dropped my major comment over at the linked post, but to serve up a short version here, just what have we accomplished with any of the tactics used (unsuccessfully) so far to gain universal acceptance of universal carry (I’m presuming, for the sake of THIS argument, that this is the goal)?

  2. John Smith. Says:

    Most of these arguments in the real world end up centered around whether a person will actually use the gun they carry… If you are unwilling to use the open carry weapon then you will more than likely not be involved. It is no different then the concealed carry in that ability… My personal opinion is that I am going to kill them before OC or CC is going to be a factor in the matter anyway…

  3. Bubblehead Les Says:

    I personally chose to go CCW in Ohio, because that allows me to keep my gun on my body when I drive. I still have to put up with “Signs”, no matter whether I OC or CC. But to say to someone “Thou Shall Not!” when it’s perfectly Legal to do so smacks of “Big Brother” to me.

    I just think of all our fellow Citizens trapped in People’s Republiks who wish they could OC and/or CC at all. Perhaps we should help the Cause by Changing the Law, not by Pontificating to other Gunnies.

  4. fucema Says:

    Rivrdog, it is mostly irrelevant to discuss what we might have accomplished.

    If I want to OC, I will do so. Noone will tell me what I can do or not do in regards to how I decide to lawfully protect myself.

    The real question is this: why are some people so worked up about how I lawfully wear my firearm?

  5. jetaz Says:

    For me it is merely an issue of practicality. I only have a large frame Glock, because it was a gift, and I can”t afford anything else right now. I live in Tucson, Arizona. When it is a hundred degrees in the shade I am not going to wear clothing that will allow me to conceal effectively. So my choices are to OC or to be unarmed. I’d rather OC.

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