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ATF and gunwalking

Was the motivation to arm cartels?

Meanwhile, the White House was aware of the operation.

Who knew?

5 Responses to “ATF and gunwalking”

  1. Jeffersonian Says:

    Was the motivation to arm cartels? Or to advance domestic gun control objectives?

    Who says it couldn’t be both?

  2. Snackeater Says:

    Was the Mexican government informed by the BATFE about this operation-–either before or during? I’d think they’d have to be, considering the fact that any arrests would probably be made in Mexico. I’ve looked, but given the T-P Media’s reluctance to cover this story, I can’t find the answer anywhere.

  3. SPQR Says:

    Snackeater, the docs released by Issa’s committee indicates that the ATF liaison in Mexico City was kept out of the loop purposefully. It seems clear that the Mexican authorities were specifically not told of the operation.

  4. Mike Vanderboegh Says:


    Try following the scandal by at least reading David Codrea’s War on Guns and Examiner columns.

    More from “the guys who scare the white people.”

  5. Jamie Says:

    + 1, Jeffersonian.