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Faster and furiouser

Despite the ‘shake-up’ at DOJ, Issa and Grassley won’t slow down their investigation.

And by ‘shake-up’, we mean token reassignment.

4 Responses to “Faster and furiouser”

  1. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Actually, not “Token Reassignment”, but “Dispersal and Delay.” Now Issa and Grassley have to track them down, their New Dept. Heads will say “the Lawyers of MY Division will have to review the Congressional Orders to Appear to see if they are allowed to Testify”, their Replacements will say, “Hey, I’m the New Guy, and all those Files you’re looking for, you’ll have to ask the Old Guy why he Deleted and Shredded them”, etc., etc., etc.

  2. blounttruth Says:

    I think it is less token reassignment, and more shell game promotions. How in Gods name could they move anyone involved in “operation gun runner” to a position of policy making?

  3. Paul Says:

    Issa and Grassley smell blood… lots of innocent victim’s blood that is, due to the murderious ATF officals.

    Good they won’t back off.

  4. Magus Says:

    When I was in the Air Force and someone (of higher rank) would fuck up they’d get a new job. I called it getting “promoted sideways” because the new job was usually just as important as what they were doing–and any way you looked at it, it wasn’t punishment.

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