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Gun control and riots

At, pointing out that there’s been relatively little loss of life in the UK riots compared to the LA riots. This completely ignores the possibility that some of the life lost in LA was people who needed to shot.

12 Responses to “Gun control and riots”

  1. bwm Says:

    I want my tombstone to read: “Never killed a man that did not need killing

  2. chris Says:


    That is exactly what gangster Mickey Cohen said in an interview with a television reporter.

    She, and a fair amount of viewers, couldn’t really see Mickey’s logic and contextuality.

    But I don’t regard a lack of injuries and deaths of the rioters to be such a bad thing.

  3. Nylarthotep Says:

    They also neglect to point out that the police have to be restrained from arresting people who were defending themselves or their property.

    And the comparisons fail in scope of the rioting as well. LA was much larger.

  4. Guav Says:

    Here’s a fairly comprehensive breakdown of the LA Riot deaths:

  5. SayUncle Says:

    That’s a frightening read.

  6. Stuart the Viking Says:


    At least four of the dead (that I have read about anyway) in the UK riots are dead simply because they were trying to protect their homes, businesses, and familys FROM the rioters. Personally, I would rather see 100 dead rioters than one dead non-rioter.

    So I DO regard the lack of injuries and deaths of the rioters to be a bad thing. They are destroying property, and destroying lives. They are endangering the lives of the people around them, many of which are good people who, while likely also mad about shit, aren’t harming their fellow citizens because of it. Riots, and rioters, are STUPID. The people they are hurting aren’t the people who are the cause of what they are mad about, while those who ARE the cause of what the rioters are mad about are sitting somewhere miles away in an comfortable air conditioned building, probably eating cucumber finger sandwiches and sipping on as spot of tea with milk and sugar, and can’t even smell the smoke from the burning buildings.

    Good people NEED the proper tools to protect themselves and their familys. The citizens of the UK do not have that and therefore are slaves to the violent few.


  7. mikee Says:

    Is it just me, or are comments closed on that article? Reasoned discourse breaks out in Boston!

  8. richard Says:

    So, in LA, 18 people were killed with something other than guns and in UK, 4 people have been killed with something other than a gun. ?????

  9. wizardpc Says:

    That LA Weekly summary is a joke. A sampling of how they describe some of the killings:

    A guy was just walking down the street, and National Guardsmen shot him in the back.

    A guy was just standing in front of someone else’s house, and someone shot him.

    A guy was just hanging out at a party, and the cops shot him.

    I imagine there was a whole lot more to those stories than that, although for that last one they did mention in passing that “partygoers” had fired upon police and actually forced a police helicopter down with small arms fire.

    The whole thing read to me like they were trying to say anyone shot by a good guy was a victim and anyone killed by a bad guy shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

  10. SayUncle Says:

    Another tally of LA dead.

  11. Firehand Says:

    They’re probably not ignoring it; they probably prefer to see people burned out/raped/beaten/robbed than even consider it good for the intended victim to effectively fight back.

  12. BobG Says:

    And how many of the people who were beaten ended up with serious injuries, being permanently maimed, and having serious mental trauma? Just because someone isn’t shot dead doesn’t mean they got off easy.