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More ammo not as important as more shooters

On the mob attacks, Phil talks about shooting with your significant other. I’d say my wife’s ‘training’ consists of nothing other than any comments she’s heard me make.

Should rectify that.

8 Responses to “More ammo not as important as more shooters”

  1. John Smith. Says:

    That or just carrying two primary weapons…

  2. Heather Says:

    I think your spouse shooting is probably more effective than carrying another primary weapon. Unless you’re a ninja.

    Even if your spouse doesn’t shoot, you should probably be discussing what to do in certain situations.

  3. Dann in Ohio Says:

    We plan and prepare for the personal protection of ourselves and our home as a family. My daughter has known what to do in case of a fire or INTRUDER since she was three years-old. Now as a teenager, she has become and equal member and asset in our personal and home protection plans.

    We all have and practice with basically identical 9mm handguns that we use in the home and for concealed carry (for us they are Ruger SR9’s and SR9c’s and all of us have no problem with recoil or operation – can’t say that with my 1911 for the gals). We also have matching rifles and shotguns. That way should something terrible ever really happen, we can exchange guns and or magazines and ammo without any problems and everyone has first-aid training too.

    We shoot and train together fairly regularly because it’s a favorite family activity and the last time our home alarm system went off, it took the sheriff’s deputies 25 minutes to arrive out where we live.

    Too often the “man” of the house is ready for anything, yet the rest of the family will likely become a handicap or collateral damage in a shoot-or-be-shot situation without training or knowledge of what to do. If you get the rest of your family on your “team”, you now have a built-in force multiplier. Have a plan and involve your entire family as if their lives depended on it… because they do.

    Dann in Ohio

  4. Shootin' Buddy Says:

    I recommend Team Tactics with Louis Awerbuck or at Thunder Ranch.

    A learning vacation where you learn stuff that can save you and yours and bond with your wife.

  5. junyo Says:

    My wife’s a great shot. Better than me with a pistol, in fact. To this point, refuses to carry. However, this weekend when I mentioned I was thinking of getting a wheelgun, she perked up, so i think the problem might be discomfort with the safe handling of semis. So the solution, as it is to most things, is to buy another gun.

  6. WildchildT Says:

    I think having a significant other knowing how to efficiently and effectively (not to mention in a timely manner) shoot and STOP an assault is much more important than just hearing the chatter around the house. Having the knowledge and choosing not to use it daily trumps plain ignorance that “it won’t happen to me.” Or “it’s in god’s hands.” Even if he/she does not choose to carry they should know how to be your backup. I feel extremely fortunate in that my husband and I both are shooters. If you’re not hitched, I suggest taking a shooting class over going to the bar to pick up a chick. Heck that’s how we met!

  7. Trent D. Says:

    Unfortunately my wife’s involvement in shooting is only out of deference to my hobbies. She has carried exactly twice (once unloaded), and has little interest in starting to carry.

    She’s her own person, and I respect her too much to try and coerce her into carrying. She’s at greater risk for violence than I am, and I can’t always be with her, but this will have to be a commitment she makes to herself.

  8. Gnarlysheen Says:

    If your significant other doesn’t shoot, just have him/her do all the ammo-carrying and reloading 🙂

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