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Daily Show on ATF Gunrunning

No, really.

17 Responses to “Daily Show on ATF Gunrunning”

  1. Stephen Says:

    But what Stewart fails to do in his…hee hee…halting, lets make a joke of this matter..ho ho…commentary is mention the border agent killed by a gun the ATF let walk, and kind of dismisses the issue like a bad policy that someone didn’t think through, instead of recognizing it as a specific policy with a very specific goal: blame US gun stores and US gun buyers for Mexican violence.

    I guess my sense of humor gets a little frayed when we let cartels murder American border agents, all in the name of advancing the “guns are bad, mmkkay” agenda.

  2. Tango Says:

    I thought he did pretty good on his coverage. His job is a comedian. Like he said when Crossfire was on the air, “I’m lead in by puppets… making prank phone calls.” He is expected to make people laugh, and while I would like him to detail ALL of the facts associated with this, I certainly cannot fault him for making his paycheck the best he can.

    What’s REALLY sad is that he didn’t paint gunrunner in a false light. It really is that crappy and poorly thought out. He didn’t have to do anything to make people realize it was a fuster cluck to begin with.

  3. Stephen Says:

    Tango, I understand I shouldn’t expect serious reporting from a comedy show. Like I said, when it comes to this specific event at least, I think my funny bone is just broken.

  4. Newbius Says:

    If the Pres__ent has lost Jon Stewart (and aslo CNN, given Anderson Cooper’s expansive reporting last night), then ‘Gunwalker’ isn’t going to stay under the radar for much longer.

    The Liberal Media has been ignoring this story for 6 months. Now that they have been dragged to the steaming manure pile and forced to face the truth, they will turn on Pres__ent ObeyMe with a vengeance. Melson’s forced retirement will not be the end of this story. This story will drag Holder down, and may even get Hillary caught in the splatter-pattern of SHTF goodness.

    If any high-level principal with real info actually rolls, we might get to see our second Democrat president in as many terms get impeached. The corruption is that bad, and the crimes are that heinous. This operation was a de facto act of War against Mexico (if they are not actually involved), and a bald-faced attempt at subverting the Constitution to further the deprivation of our rights. Hanging isn’t good enough for these traitors…

  5. Bubblehead Les Says:

    I read somewhere that a lot of the people under the age of 30 get their news from this guy and others of his ilk. So now that the news is spreading beyond the grasp of the Admin to minimize it via their Lamestream Media Minions, perhaps even more pressure will be put onto the DOJ to co-operate. Remember, it took a while for all the facts to come out about Watergate. And something tells me that Issa isn’t just going to be happy with a couple of BATFEIEIO people being thrown under the bus.

  6. Sid Says:

    He did not mention the agent’s death which I viewed as an editorial decision. He did not want to bring up the issue just to be included in a comedy bit. I respect the decision.

    I agree with Tango in that Jon Stewart’s job is to make people laugh. He readily acknowledges his bias. He is the fake news in that he uses news for comedy value and not to inform.

    I thought the bit was funny.

  7. Jim W Says:

    I thought that Stewart did an awesome job. It’s pretty obvious from what he reported that lots of people were getting killed with these guns and that it was the ATF leadership that was arranging for the gangsters to get them. And then he nicely ties in the DOJ as being complicit with the 900 pages of redacted discovery bit at the end.

    Also, don’t forget that he can return to this issue again and again as long as it is in the news. He has loads of time to flesh out anything he missed in the first pass through the story.

    I came away from that episode knowing that:
    -ATF arranged for guns to be sent to mexican cartels
    -ATF’s law enforcement justification for it is laughable at best
    -that the director of the ATF had a direct video feed of it in his office and was getting briefed regularly
    -that the DOJ is making a very blatant attempt to cover this up before the damage spreads out of ATF and starts taking down DOJ leadership

    I think it’s only starting to dawn on a few people (mostly those of us that have been following this story for a while) that this probably stretches all the way up to the White House and that this was obviously a high level political operation as opposed to a law enforcement operation. IMO, a typical law enforcement operation tends to get ignored by the brass until it is over and time to take credit for a major bust.

    Political appointees were actively managing the day to day operation of this while Obama and friends were making speeches about the how they needed new gun control to combat the flood of guns going to Mexico. Ask yourself why.

  8. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    It wasn’t an act of war against Mexico. That’s a failed state, barely worth recognition. It was an act of war against US by our own .gov.

  9. Newbius Says:

    Not trying to get into a pissing match here with you, MrEvilwrench, but-failed state or not-Mexico is a sovereign country and our enabling of arms shipments to people actively warring with that government is indeed an act of war in itself. Warm up your google-fu and do some research on it.

  10. Sid Says:

    I think ( but he can speak for himself ) that Mr. Evilwrench is saying that the political motivation for allowing the gun sales and gun trafficking was to build support for more gun legislation. In the political planning, the deaths in Mexico were a part of building a base to support more restrictions here in the US.

  11. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    I’m saying that since it’s a failed state, recognizing it as a sovereign state is pointless. Any action we take with its regard must be considered in this context. Our government is taking actions in opposition to our (the citizens’) interest, and using Mexico, as it exists, as a proxy against us. As a failed state, it is a very effective weapon against us, especially as much as most of us would consider it legitimate.

  12. Newbius Says:

    “Our government is taking actions in opposition to our (the citizensí) interest, and using Mexico, as it exists, as a proxy against us.”

    It appears that we agree on this basic point. I was adding “act of war” to “Domestic Treason” in the list of offenses against the People. What time is it now on Claire Wolfe’s clock…??

  13. Lloyd Says:

    I found a couple of numbers I thought were worth repeating. You’ve probably seen them elsewhere, but I haven’t seen them together.

    # of guns that walked: 2500+
    # of guns traced to the US: 5000+

    The time periods are 15 months for Gunwalker and 1 year for the trace guns, 2007-8. The ATF is probably responsible for about half of the guns smuggled into Mexico during the Gunwalker fiasco.

  14. comatus Says:

    I watched Pat Paulsen. Pat Paulsen was a comedian. And Jon Stewart–if that’s your real name–you’re no Pat Paulsen.

    Furthermore, University of Michigan Law Professor Steven Croley esse delendam.

  15. Ash Says:

    Would they really impeach Obama for an ATF operation that got started under Bush?

  16. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    I would hope so, and aim some criminal charges at the guys that started it. “Oh those guys were doing it so it must be ok” just doesn’t cut it. If you think we’re a bunch of Bush fanbois that don’t want justice so much as a poke in bambam’s eye, try again. Wrong is wrong.

  17. Newbius Says:

    @Lloyd: 2500+ guns “walked” from Arizona. There are similar operations afoot in NM, TX, LA…and please do not try the “90%” canard here. The real number is more like 12% if you can do the basic math.