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Keeping us safe

From the scourge of fake cosmetics.

5 Responses to “Keeping us safe”

  1. John Smith. Says:

    I find these fake cosmetics busts amusing as well as the designer bag busts… My personal opinion is that it comes down to taxes… The importers of said goods did not pay the proper import fees based on the name brand value of the cargo. They then sell it as name brand… The crazy thing is that most of the time it is made in the same factory as the name brand with same ingredients…That would explain why Customs was at the bust…

  2. BobG Says:

    What, no SWAT teams?

  3. JWright Says:

    I’ve been wearing fake cosmetics for a long time. They are cammo colored so you can’t see them. Now the cosmetics police are banging on my door, but I have them fooled … it’s not a real door!

  4. Sid Says:


    Please, for your own safety, I am begging you, get rid of any NYPD commemorative hats you have because they are going to list it as “cosmetic police uniform items”. They are going to have a press conference and accuse you of trafficing in fake cosmetics and being part of cosmetic factory invasion team posing as a police officer.

    That is, if they ever finish breaking down the fake door.

  5. liberal gun lover Says:

    I think it is terrible when some hard working American designs and makes a product and than some commie decides to steal the design, copy it in some commie country and than smuggle it into the US. If our government was doing its job any vessel approaching our borders from a communist country would be sunk.
    Buy American support capitalism, buy chines support communism. I might be a liberal but I am no commie.