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The basic 3+ gun armory.

8 Responses to “Basics”

  1. HL Says:

    This article will scare the hell out of new shooters.

  2. Kristopher Says:

    Agreed, HL. Chris really likes writing …

    Too much information, IMO.

    My comment in his article suggested telling a newb to buy a single-shot .22 training rifle, and a .22lr pistol. Maybe join a club to get a DCM .22 rifle.

    Then learn to shoot.

  3. Paul Says:

    The guns he recommends are WAY to expensive. Looks like he is spending $10,000!

    1. compact/sub-compact in 9mm or up chambering. And get a AACK .22 unit or something like that to convert it to .22 lr. $900 for both.
    2. Any good deer rifle. 30/30, .308, 7mm, etc.. $400
    3. Mossburg 500 with both slug barrel and 26 inch bird barrel (with choak tubes.) $300.
    4. Military style rifle. AR-15, Mini-14 ‘tactical’, etc… $900 max.
    5. Ruger 10/22 plain jane rifle. $300 with scope.
    6. Pocket/super compact 9mm or .38. $400 (S&W 642, Kel-tec P9, or Taurus or…

    Now that’s $2800

    With spare mags for all, three grand.

    And you can look in pawn shops and find the same guns for less.

  4. Chris Byrne Says:

    And if you actually read the post, and the “buy value not cheap” post linked to it (which I excerpt the most relevant portions of AND link to and specifically as you to read), I say REPEATEDLY.

    Also, in almost every position I recommended several different guns, at several different price points.

    Nowhere do I say “you must buy all these guns”, in fact I also repeatedly say you don’t need to, that you don’t need them all at once if you want them all etc… etc…

    If you don’t want to actually read the post, don’t comment.

  5. Chris Byrne Says:

    Oh and a couple more things,

    This post is NOT about someones first gun. I specifically pointed that out in the post multiple times, and linked to the post where I DO talk about your first gun (where I recommend that everyone buy a .22, unless they immediately need a gun for self defense… something I repeated in this post).

    Also, it’s not just for absolute beginners, something I also specifically point out in the post. It is in part for beginners, but it’s also for experienced gunnies, who may have experience with one segment of the sport/hobby/pursuit, but not another. Lots of folks are experienced shotgunners but own no handguns for example.

    Which I also specifically wrote in the post…

  6. HL Says:

    Well I think it is a good article, but when you start out with:

    “The most frequently asked question I get is something like “I’m a complete beginner, and I want to start with shooting, what should I buy”

    you should forgive those of us who miss the nuance. New shooters will probably miss the nuance as well.

    But again, I appreciate the article.

  7. Chris Byrne Says:

    and the entire next three paragraphs are:

    “Well, the simple answer comes down to the “first gun” question, and I’ve addressed that before; but I think there’s really a bigger question there, especially since the next most common question I get other than “what ammo should I buy for {insert gun here} is “Ok, I’ve bought my first gun, what to I buy next”, or “What guns do I need to experience all aspects of the shooting hobby” or some variant thereof.

    Really I think there is a longer and more useful answer than “the first gun” or “the next gun” (both of which I’ve answered on this blog before… and in god knows how many conversations); what I like to think of as “the basic armory”.

    To be honest, I don’t consider that a beginners question necessarily. It’s more of a general gun ownership question. I know folks who have been shotgun owners their entire lives, but who have never owned a pistol, or a rifle; or the reverse etc…”

  8. HL Says:

    Right Chris, but when you say “you don’t consider this a beginner’s question necessarily”, you are leaving room that it is still a beginner’s question to some degree, else you would have said “this is not a beginner’s question in any way.”