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A good SWATing

It’s not just the Department of Education that employs ninjas. The FDA raided Amish farmers for the heinous crime of making raw milk. The Dallas school district has one too. Don’t be tardy in Dallas. And, not to be left out, the Small Business Association employs tactical tommys, along with the Railroad Retirement Board.

5 Responses to “A good SWATing”

  1. comatus Says:

    Dude, raw milk is, like, a worldwide crisis. Doan chew readger news from Yerp? See Richard Widmark (later the first actor to be directed by Allen Smithee) in “Panic in the Streets” (1950) for an inspired endorsement of tougher fed policing=good health for all. CDC saw it.

    “Who are those guys?” Easy. Post Office swat team.

  2. Jim S Says:

    Since my father and I do the occasional repossession for the bank, should I be able ask the bank for a micro uzi sbr with a silencer? Maybe a shorty shotty?

  3. wildbill Says:

    TVA has a SWAT team. Don’t even think about tampering with that meter!

  4. Lyle Says:

    Interesting that this is just now coming out among the general public. John Ross wrote about it in the 1990s, and before that I suppose anyone could have looked it up. Legal shmegal, Mark Levin just said the other day that this business of every little federal department having its own special arms provisions. Back in the ’90s we were crazy, dangerous militia freaks for mentioning it.

    What were those guys called, in Spain back in the ’20s or ’30s? “Premature anti Fascists” or something like that? But no one remembers, if they even ever heard about it in the first place.

    @Jim; The NFA weapons purchase process is very much streamlined for a corporation. This comes down to us from the 1920s and ’30s, when businesses kept machineguns for crown control against violent labor disputes. Thompsons were popular, but Iím sure there were the Browning water-cooled belt-feds and such like. You may think it’s a bit of a joke, but there is some historical precedent for your employer issuing you a sub machinegun, providing you hold the right position within the company.

  5. Jim S Says:

    @ Lyle

    So would my new position in the company be “Henchman?”

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