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At the Chiappa booth

At the NRA show, I was at the booth and said I didn’t get the point of the Chiappa. Their sales guy explains to me that it’s a 40% reduction in recoil from a 357 mag. I understand now. Some pics:

From 2011 NRA
From 2011 NRA

Btw, what’s plural for Chiappa?

19 Responses to “At the Chiappa booth”

  1. BornLib Says:


  2. Robert Says:

    Love to shoot one some time and see. Was just shooting revolver in a match yesterday, a borrowed K38.

  3. Oleg Volk Says:

    Same idea and actually works:

  4. comatus Says:


    Pronouced, Chappa’ai.

  5. Sebastian The Blogless Says:

    Chiappe if it’s an Italian word.

  6. jason Says:

    @BornLib: Isn’t that the ring-thingy that creates a wormhole to other planets?

  7. Gunmart Says:


  8. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Coonan. More bullets, less recoil, faster reload.

  9. Crotalus Says:

    I see how it works: with the barrel down below, the recoil is vectored straight into the hand, rather than over the top of the hand. This reduces the torque associated with the recoil of the typical revolver.

  10. Caleb Says:

    At SHOT SHOW Media Day, Chiappa actually had the Rhino out for writers to shoot; it actually works to reduce recoil. Shooting Federal 130 grain FMJ, muzzle-flip was almost nil. Shooting full house 158 grain JHP .357 Magnum loads out of the snubbie Chiappa was actually a pleasant experience; recoil was present and the muzzle flash was a little extreme, but it was really easy to shoot rapidly.

    The only downsize to the Rhino is that if you use a thumbs forward grip, you will burn your support hand thumb. Even with lightweight .38 Special loads, your support thumb rests right next to the cylinder gap, which causes a surprising and unpleasant experience.

  11. Bryan S. Says:

    Coonan generates less muzzle flip with the bore being higher in the hand?

    I can see felt recoil being less, those things are not light.

  12. countertop Says:

    What they need to do – instead of simply having these guns at “Shot Show” – is make them more widely available for potential customers to shoot.

    That’s a big problem for the gun industry. You can look, and lust, over guns. But finding an opportunity to “test one out” before you buy it is pretty damn difficult. And I don’t know about you, but If I’m going to drop $750+ on something – I want to know before hand if its going to work for me.

    Its like buying a new TV by simply reading reviews, but never actually goign to the store and seeing it set up.

  13. Kevin Baker Says:

    Now if Chiappa will do the same thing with a .44 Magnum.

  14. Ninth Stage Says:

    I’d hate to experience a KABOOM! with one. The “top-strap” flying off would take your trigger finger with it.

  15. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Need to clarify myself for Bryan S. It comes down to the old Equal and Opposite Reaction Law. Any revolver will tend to rise higher for the same load vs. a semi-auto pistol, due to the fact that the mass of the slide tends to push SOME of the recoil back in a horizontal line on the pistol vs. everything being (effectively) locked up on the revolver. With the Coonan, they claim that it’s 48 oz. fully loaded, while the Rhino (in 6 inch form) is around 34 oz. But by putting the barrel on the bottom, the Rhino will push back more than a standard revolver. I’d really like to see a high speed side-by-side video between the 2, since as far as standard pistols go, (no 357 Magnum Mare’s Legs, please), I think the Coonan will beat the Rhino in muzzle flip, but I not sure. But other than a Deagle and the 22’s, there isn’t much else out there to compare. As for Ammo capacity, 7+1 for Coonan, 6 for Rhino, and a flatter package to carry on the hip. And one doesn’t have to carry Speed loaders or strips to reload it. Hope this helps.

  16. Jerry Says:


  17. Darrell Says:

    I got to fingerprint one of the snub nose Rhinos a few weeks ago. Hated the grip.

  18. Name Redacted Says:

    “Even with lightweight .38 Special loads, your support thumb rests right next to the cylinder gap, which causes a surprising and unpleasant experience.”

    All the more reason to employ a Nagant m1895 style gas seal.

  19. BornLib Says:

    Yes, yes it is.

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