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Lever Gun


From Gun Porn

From arfcom. It has nothing on my tactical trapdoor.

9 Responses to “Lever Gun”

  1. M Gallo Says:

    Damn! That beats out my suppressed K-31 with a microdot. I think I’ll be on top again for most rediculous ninja’d out old gun if I can find a wood grain cover for my can.

  2. Joel Says:

    That’s just completely wrong. Like putting a blower on a Hupmobile.

  3. DaveY Says:

    Oh yeah?
    How about some Scythe Pron? –

    You reap what you see…

  4. Sigivald Says:

    The worst part is… once I think about it, none of that is actually stupid or unreasonable.

    The angled grip would actually be more comfortable.

    The EOTech sight is nice.

    The can is generally a good idea anyway.

  5. Grendel Says:

    “But the angled grip is really too far forward to be used the way it was intended”


  6. Anon R.D. Says:

    I kind of dig it. Sigivald is on to something.

    Think of it this way: I wouldn’t even blink at a Marlin 1894 with an Aimpoint Micro on a scout rail. That’s just good thinking. Light handy 100 yd rifle with light tough unmagnified optic, you bet. My only comment would be “Can I try it, please?”

    The above gun is only a couple of steps beyond that.

  7. mariner Says:

    It’s only missing the large round loop thing that goes up and down.

  8. comatus Says:

    Joel, if you got the Hupp Skylark with the Graham Six, it would have come with a supercharger, just saying.

  9. Jim March Says:

    I’ll see you and raise with a gas-powered Ruger New Vaquero in 357:

    Complete with homebrew brass catcher :).

    Next mod will involve clip-in 7rd+ spring-loaded magazine tubes inserted through the recoil sheild just left of the hammer. 12+ rounds continuous firepower, and when you run out slap another mag in and keep going. The feed cycle (once the initial cylinder load is run out) is “in at the left, over once to fire, over once more and gas-eject”, roughly similar to the 20mm electric-operated cannons on the F86 Saber and other early jet fighters. Mine is of course manually operated :).

    Right now I have the gas-eject system working, with the tube-feed in development. Once done the firepower will be damned impressive, given that it’s a full-house 357…

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