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Having solved all of LA’s problems

They ban new fast food restaurants in South LA. That’s racist.

4 Responses to “Having solved all of LA’s problems”

  1. hellferbreakfast Says:

    Apparently the women are too lazy to cook a decent meal @ home for their families.

  2. JKB Says:

    The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, an advocacy group in Washington that has long fought against fast-food chains, is pushing for other cities, including Detroit and Philadelphia, to enact similar limits.

    Quick, what demographic do you think these cities have with South Central?

    Bonus question: Why to Progressives want to keep low cost, tasty, readily available food from minorities and the poor?

  3. Bubblehead Les Says:

    IT’S MICHELLE’S FAULT! All the Brothers and the Sisters are supposed to eat nothing but that Good, Healthy Fish and Rice that Elijah Muhammad said they should eat, and only from stores that what Brother Fake-a-khan and the only True Church owns. Any other money spent at any other source of Food is going straight into the Hands of those White Devils!

  4. Stuart the Viking Says:

    So, no new fast food resturants. It isn’t going to stop people from eating at the old ones. This is a bunch of prgressive do-nothing BS.


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