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Constitutional Carry

On the move in Montana.

3 Responses to “Constitutional Carry”

  1. REB Says:

    How exactly do they plan to require a training course before carrying without a permit?

    Wouldn’t that require a permit to implement?

  2. Other Steve Says:

    As the new law reads, in order to carry in urban areas (Montana allows concealed carry outside of cities currently) you must be eligible to have a CCW permit, have taken the class, and have proof of completing that class on you when carrying. So, it’s not a “permit” but it it’s not free and clear do as you please either.

    It takes out the Sheriff, the wait, background check and fingerprints. Instead of shall issue, it’s no-need-to-issue. It leaves in the class which is $50-100 but uses the current requirements for that class (a written and shooting test).

    IF you want to travel to other states you still need a CCW permit as long as those states offer reciprocity.

    There is still no exception for bars, banks, and state buildings. That bill got shot down.

    Overall, it’s not exactly Constitutional Carry, more like Charter Carry.

  3. Ian Argent Says:

    Isn’t that what I (tongue-in-cheek) offered to the Bradies as a compromise a while back?

    Also note, despite expectations, it appears that incrementally approaching freedom has been working.

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