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Dragon Leatherworks

They have a shiny new website. I also have one of their Talons still to write a review about. Been wearing it off and on for a couple of months now. Will write that up soon.

One Response to “Dragon Leatherworks”

  1. Dragon Says:

    Kudo’s need to go to the fantastic design team at Blue Moose Technologies ( ) up in Littleton, NH, who were able to take my rather haphazard and often vague musings, interpret what I was asking for, and being unafraid of telling me if the ideas were plainly made of FAIL.

    The best part, is if they let me know that something wouldn’t work (from either a tech or marketing POV) they always had a suggestion of what *would* work…you don’t often find that in a design staff. They not only point out potential problems, they offer solid *solutions*.