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There ought to be a law

On the local affiliate of Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Radio this morning, I learned that apparently you can make drugs out of bath salts. There was much righteous indignation that, yes, you could actually go into a store and lawfully purchase bath salts. Your right to soften your calloused skin and exfoliate could be under attack by some nanny state ninnies who think if we just ban one more thing, all the drug problems will go away. Or something.

22 Responses to “There ought to be a law”

  1. wizardpc Says:

    Its not that you can make drugs out of bath salts, its that theyre making synthetic drugs and selling them as “bath salts *wink*wink*”

    I thought it was stupid, too so I looked into it. Same thing as the “incense” K2, which is really synthetic marijuana.

  2. SayUncle Says:

    ah. well that’s not how they made it sound on the radio.

  3. John Smith. Says:

    This stuff has been selling for several years now. The bath salts really do energize when you use them as bath salts… When you snort them though they get you high like synthetic coke but with more possible bad side effects. Check this out…

  4. comatus Says:

    This is what comes of “Calgon, take me away.”

  5. Tam Says:

    We have to outlaw anything that could possibly give anyone a buzz.

    “Spinning in circles with your eyes closed” is inevitably going to wind up a misdemeanor.

  6. Michael Hawkins Says:

    Last I checked you can make chloral hydrate out of drain cleaner, bleach and wodka … when are those gonna get banned?

  7. aeronathan Says:

    My wife is a doctor still in residency. On one of her ER shifts, 3 guys were dropped of by their tweaker friends suffering from what looked like a massive cocaine OD.

    They start the cocaine protocol, run tox screens and nothing shows up and the guys continue right on to being worm food. Turned out later that they had been snorting “ivory wave” bath salts and had a massive adverse reaction.

    Not that I think the stuff needs to be banned. As far as I’m concerned the more chlorine in the gene pool the better….

  8. Jerry Says:

    I can’t get my Calgon to stay lit.

  9. John Smith. Says:

    Depends on the drain cleaner. Sodium hydroxide is hard to get at the store these days and very expensive when you can. Ebay has it cheap though. All because the politicians are under the impression that it is used ONLY to make meth…. It can also be used as a solvent for plant growth hormones as well as being the best stuff hands down for cleaning out hair clogs…

  10. Jay Says:

    Sounds like what they’re saying is that if we legalize cocaine, lives will be saved because people will not be snorting these far more toxic chemicals.

    But we can’t do that, because… well, because cocaine is illegal!

  11. Ancient Woodsman Says:

    I’m telling you right now, if I have to buy my ‘Tired Old Ass Soak’ from Vinnie the Fish and his cousin Guido down by the wharf in some dark alley after midnight instead of from the Vermont Country Store…well, then, I guess me & Vinnie are going to be doing some business. Guess I’ll see if he’s got lightbulbs, too.

    How much of this B.S. is from the fact that they’ve lost so much ground on the ‘gun thing’ that they’ve got to look for other stuff to ban? Could prove after all that they have no beef against guns so much as the incessant need to a) control someone else, b) fill their pants while wringing their hands, and c) get attention while doing so. Just like a toddler, and about as smart.

  12. Chris Says:

    My understanding is that the stuff in question has about as much in common with bath salts as cocaine does with sugar.

  13. greg Says:

    Instead of forcing the members of the population into doing dumb ass stuff like this, why not just legalize all of it and be done with it. We made it over 100 years without anti-drug laws, let’s go back there again. Then we save the money since we don’t have to enforce the stupid laws any longer and all of those thousands of people in jail for drug charges could be freed.

    Free citizens should be free citizens, even free to be very stupid.

  14. mikee Says:

    When will it become OK to let overdosed druggies pay for their stupidity with their lives, rather than trying to fix them?

  15. Wolfwood Says:

    wizardpc and chris are right: this isn’t overreach, but rather is the regulation of dangerous substances sold as being innocuous.

    The problem is that the rest of us have to pay for the abuse of these substances. There will always be people abusing substances like cleansrs and painkillers, but these are substances with no otherwise valid use

  16. Lyle Says:

    “…some nanny state ninnies who think if we just ban one more thing, all the drug problems will go away.”

    No. The nanny state ninny thing is just the means to an end– They think they’ll get more money, personnel, job security and power, and they are of course (or have been historically) entirely correct.

  17. Phelps Says:

    Being a prohibitionist means living in constant fear that somewhere, someplace, someone is having a good time.

    That’s too much work for me.

  18. SPQR Says:

    Wolfwood, everything is “dangerous”. Nothing is innocuous. The Nanny State thinks that you should have nothing that isn’t innocuous. Combine that with the former reality and you get the result that everything is banned.

  19. Beaumont Says:

    The obvious solution is to start spreading the notion that “leftist ideology causes drug use, and so it must be banned TO SAVE the CHILDREN!”

  20. Mayor Joel Stoner Says:

    Illegal drugs is a billion dollar industry for the government. They can take your drugs, sell them to other bad guys, seize all your money, home, cars, and anything else you may have bought with drug money and the police department gets to use that money and other things to help enforce the drug laws. They don’t want to win the war, cause then they would have to actually work.

  21. Newbius Says:

    I am perfectly content to let people who wish to snort Drano continue with their desired endeavor. It affects me not at all and will improve our society in the long run.

    Just don’t make me pay to clean up the mess…

  22. v c Says:

    anything that helps all the fools and idiots into an early grave has my support…
    make everything legal and let ‘darwin’ have its way…

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