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Good news, bad news

At least the FBI got the address right for their raid. Bad news is the person they were looking for hasn’t lived there for two years. This, of course, was very traumatic for the man and his six grand kids.

7 Responses to “Good news, bad news”

  1. John Smith. Says:

    The fbi offering to pay for the damage is very thoughtful… Guess they are trying to avoid being sucked into the batf shitstorm by drawing attention to themselves more than they have to…

  2. Jay Says:

    How about they all go to jail for perjury? You recall that warrants are issued after an oath.

  3. greg Says:

    Exactly Jay, what was told to the judge to get this warrant issued.

    Since they busted the door down I guess we have another “no knock” warrant. I’m actually more concerned about our para military thugs busting down my door than I am a bad guy. If my door and I bet anybody who reads this blog’s door would be broken down like that, what are the chances of us getting shot because we are armed?

    These no knock warrants need to be done away with completely. If it is a question of law enforcement safety versus citizens safety, law enforcement looses and if they don’t like it they can get another job.

  4. snoopycomputer Says:

    What ever happened to knocking on the door at 6pm some evening while posed as Jehovah’s Witness, to get some first-hand intel about the house and who’s in it?
    Or would they just rather take the word of some informant and go guns blazing, kickin in doors in the middle of the night? Isn’t this the FBI?
    Too much RTT-CQB-Man?

  5. Pyrotek85 Says:

    Yeah, how friggin hard is it to tail the guys and nab them when they’re not in their own homes? It’s not like they never leave the house. Plus, if they’re going after people they presume to be armed and dangerous, it’d make more sense to get them when they’re not home, since they’re less likely to have access to weapons. This comes off as laziness honestly.

  6. Lyle Says:

    Federal Bureau of…What?

  7. Charles Mazza Says:

    This drug war has filled up our jails and been a war on the citizens of this country. Cops get the wrong house too many times and all you get is sorry. Prohibition never has and never will work. Treat drugs like alcohol and stop kicking down doors.

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