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ATF Cuts & Gunrunner

Good. Cut in by 50%. ATF is all butthurt that the cuts would mean they couldn’t fight gun trafficking to Mexico. Which is funny since the ATF is actually being investigated by a Senator’s office for allowing guns to go into Mexico.

Jacob says don’t cut it, abolish it. That’s not realistic, someone has to process tax stamps. But, yeah, take away all their ninja gear and sniper training.

Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership issues a presser crying about it.

10 Responses to “ATF Cuts & Gunrunner”

  1. The Packetman Says:

    They wouldn’t have to process tax stamps if the NFA was repealed.

    Just sayin’ ….

  2. Exodus Says:

    The Packetman beat me to it.

    Free your mind, Uncle! 🙂

  3. SayUncle Says:

    And if Santa was real, I wouldn’t have to pay for Christmas.

  4. Bryan S. Says:

    Budget cuts would probably work out for them, as approvals and FFL dealers would expire in the time it would take for a renewal to clear.

  5. Sebastian Says:

    The other issue with abolishing it, is firearms enforcement would be eaten by the FBI. People respect and listen to the FBI. ATF are the barney fifes of federal law enforcement.

    There’s something to be said for the devil you know.

  6. John Smith. Says:

    The Fbi only investigates cases they think they can win hands down with minimal effort.. On occasion they do get someone innocent who then proceeds to drag them through the mud…

  7. Kristopher Says:

    Nobody at the ATF has to process tax stamps.

    Deal with it the way it was dealt with before the GCA of ’68.

    Buy a $200 stamp at the post office, paste it on the form, and have the postie cancel it.

    Go to a dealer and do a brady check.

    No feds involved, and you have proof the tax was paid in your hands.

  8. Linoge Says:

    Thats not realistic, someone has to process tax stamps.

    Seems we already have an agency whose entire existance is dedicated to taxes…

  9. Diomed Says:

    Uh, there are more tax stamps than just the ones for guns…

  10. Ian Argent Says:

    Return ATF to treasury, and make them paper-pushers. Enforce the tax stamps as civil violations the way the IRS does income tax violations.

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