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Spam can kill

Suicide bomber gets explody after wireless carrier sends him a text. Oops.

10 Responses to “Spam can kill”

  1. Veeshir Says:

    I know in Iraq our troops were using a device that stops cellphone signals, maybe they should get a robocaller to send spam to any areas they’re about to patrol.

    Imagine watching a string of explosions happening 200 yards ahead of them as they patrol?
    It would look like when they blew up the fake Rock Ridge.

  2. John Farrier Says:


  3. Bobby Says:


    That is just perfect.

  4. wizardpc Says:

    the EA-6B can fly down the street and make every cell phone in range start ringing.

    So I’ve heard.

  5. Ed Says:

    cue world’s smallest violin…

  6. Bruiser Says:

    Definitive proof that there really is a God. And he isn’t Allah.

  7. mikee Says:

    Best line of article: “If true, [this] might be the only time that a wireless carrier’s SMS message has ever been useful.”

  8. Rivrdog Says:

    The Israelis stopped the practice of IEDs by the Paloswinians years ago, after doing some ECM work above the Gaza cities.

    I woldn’t be surprised if this story was cooked up by the Speznaz to hide the fact that they were on to this cell’s plans, and decided to try the Israeli trick, which worked for them.

    What I can’t figure out is why they didn’t trust the girl to set her own bomb off. The chechniswinians must have a recruiting problem.

  9. Michael Hawkins Says:

    Having a second observer allows for “better effect”, as a person in a crowd has only limited vision of his/her surroundings.
    Also: people do tend to puss out.

    Maybe it was indeed the, FSB would be my bet though.

  10. brain Says:

    From another blog:
    “In Soviet Russia, SPAM deletes you!”

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