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Aitken’s sentence commuted

Getting word that Christie has pardoned him. From facebook:

Governor Christie has commuted Brian’s sentence and he will be home before Christmas

Good. Though I did have my doubts about a politico from NJ doing something good for guns.

ETA: Commuted. Not great but probably the best he could have done.

26 Responses to “Aitken’s sentence commuted”

  1. MJM Says:

    Wonderful! Thanks for posting this late-breaking news. And, I’ll add my thanks to Governor Christie (R).

  2. USCitizen Says:

    Michael Bane has the Great! news also.

  3. D2k Says:

    It’s a commuted sentence though, he’s still a felon at this point.
    I expect a court case to come of this.

  4. joated Says:

    Excellent news.

    “Though I did have my doubts about a politico from NJ doing something good for guns.”

    And in the past, those doubts would have been justified. Christie seems to be a whole new ball of wax.

  5. Robert Says:

    I asked on FB “A pardon is not the same as commutation, right? Which did he get, and what will it mean for his rights going forward?”, and see that D2k has an answer. Thanks!!!

  6. Jim W Says:

    He’s still a felon. He should have fucking pardoned him.

    Why is it so tough for people to do the right thing. This wasn’t even a difficult call.

  7. Shootin' Buddy Says:

    “Getting word that Christie has pardoned him”

    You are getting the wrong word.

    Think of it this way, Unc:

    pardon=forgive one of a crime

    communtation=letting someone out of jail/prison early

  8. Robert Says:

    He ALMOST did the right thing. I’m sick and tired of these damn politicians and their damn laws.

  9. j t bolt Says:

    We are a nation of laws, Robert. This is good news. It isn’t the best news. Brian appealing and getting the law ‘refudiated’ in court is almost as good as a pardon. In some ways it is better. For all we know it is Aitken’s preference. Let’s hope for that outcome.

  10. Ian Argent Says:

    As near as I’ve seen – the commutation is what Mr. Aitken has been asking for.

    I’m glad to see that he’ll be home for christmas.

  11. Fz Says:

    Is there a place to send money for the appeal? I’m good for what I would have spent on lunch for the week.


  12. seeker_two Says:

    Christie just commuted his sentence…not a full pardon. Hope that gutless politician has seen the end of his political aspirations…..

  13. Ian Argent Says:

    That’s a more interesting question. Per Wayne LaPierre’s note on the NRA page, the NRA was kicking in for the appeal as well.

    Contact Evan Nappen, I suppose

  14. Fz Says:

    Ian, thanks, I’m interested in giving the bux as directly as possible to Aitken’s attorneys.

  15. rickn8or Says:

    “…will be released as soon as administratively possible.”

    Which means they can jack him around all week, keeping him wondering until (and past?) the last minute. Just because they can.

  16. John Smith. Says:

    I would feel bad that he is still a felon but in new jersey the state treats everyone like a felon… To bad the governor did not have the balls to go all out off the libs with a big fuck you by pardoning the guy….

  17. Chas Says:

    It’s a right, not a crime.

  18. Ian Argent Says:

    @Fuz, Evan Nappen is Brian’s attorney currently (and generally considered to be the authority on NJ gun law; he wrote a couple of books on the subject, incidentally).

    Everyone else – before going off on Christie, check to see what Brian asked for – he may not have wanted a pardon, as it requires admitting guilt and woul dprobably moot any suit or appeal he’s got going.

  19. **** Says:

    “ETA: Commuted. Not great but probably the best he could have done.”

    I don’t buy that. He still won’t be able to own a gun, etc. However Ian Argent has a good point.

  20. Bryan S. Says:

    Ian, I can accept that argument.

    Its a shame a free man was arrested for not breaking an unconstitutional law, and has been partially forgiven for that “crime”.

  21. Ian Argent Says:

    It is a Damn shame. If he wants to properly correct it, though, he can’t admit guilt. Which a pardon necessarily does.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Christie is any great friend of gun owners. But I am not going to pillory him for freeing a man unjustly imprisoned.

  22. Clint1911 Says:

    Does having a commuted sentence prevent a future pardon?

    The plan may be commute now, appeal, then seek a pardon only if necessary.

  23. Pete Says:

    Christie can’t pardon him without an admission of guilt.

    Admission of guilt = no appeal.

    no appeal = no chance to strike down this law.

  24. Tango Says:

    which is interesting… Christie NOT pardoning him is doing a favor to the gun community. If he had pardoned him, it would have saved face and prevented a lawsuit. Makes us wonder if Christie is on our side or believes that they can’t lose the court case. If THAT were the case, he wouldn’t have commuted.

  25. CarlS Says:

    Look at it this way: If Christy had pardoned him, then he would forever be adjudged guilty. As he wasn’t pardoned, he can move forward with clearing his name, and in the process, also repeal, revoke, or otherwise find the law to be worthless.

  26. Fz Says:

    Seems to me then that it’s time we open our wallets again to give Mr Aitken every chance to succeed.

    Again, I’d rather give directly to his attorney than through intermediaries.

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