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Chicks and guns

Do women customers really want pink products?

Via gunmart.

10 Responses to “Chicks and guns”

  1. Gunmart Says:

    Thanks for the linkage

  2. Canthros Says:

    Some do, some don’t. My sister, for one, can’t stand the idea. OTOH, there’s clearly somebody buying pink guns.

  3. Jailer Says:

    I started my daughter shooting on a pink bb gun a couple years ago. She’s 9 now and recently asked me NOT to get her another pink gun.

  4. Stranger Says:

    With one exception, the women in my family want black, dark blue, or dark brown. The wife, daughter, daughters in law, etc., prefer very dark something, including grips. The granddaughter is the odd girl out, preferring satin stainless.

    If a gun maker wants to make a pink gun, that’s cool – but for goodness sake don’t make it Pepto Bismol pink. That is an instant turn off. A turn on? Possibly brilliant electric blue.


  5. Stuart the Viking Says:

    Secretly, or maybe not so secretly anymore, I really want one of the pink Kahr pm9. I’m a pretty big dude (and not gay if you need to know) and I think it would be funny for me to carry around a pink pistol. I think I would name it fluffy.


  6. Usagi Says:

    My daughter wants a pink Crickett. Of course, she’s only 3.

  7. mikee Says:

    Pink is also now representative of breast cancer survivors, and the charities that support research to cure breast cancer. I’ve seen a lot of pink on everything from mini-Maglights to NFL linemen. So pink has that working for it, too.

  8. RJG Says:

    I think pink can be fun if it a themed gun, like the Hello Kitty rifles. When S&W released the Lady Smith line I was worried they would be built to a lower standard. I guess I have that same fear with pink guns, though this might be entirely false. The lady smiths seem to have become popular with guys as great concealed / backup guns. I’m personally more concerned how it will look/wear over time. Pink polymer is definitely could dirty up faster then a black or stainless gun.

  9. Bobby at USF Says:

    I’m trying to get my girlfriend into shooting and so far the only guns she keeps giving second looks too are two-tone 1911’s and anything pink.

    Of course, she also had a pink phone, lap top, bed set, and loves the color.

    I think its just a person by person thing.

  10. Butch Cassidy Says:

    My wife has a pink Rossi 410/22 interchangeable barrel thing. She loves it and I even like to plink with it. She also wants a Charter Arms Purple Lady. Another woman I know prefers chrome. To each her own I guess.

    And I may, possibly, potentialy want a Charter Arms Pink Lady. Something about them tickles my fancy.

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