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An Idea

Last night, the wife hosted a Thirty One party. This is like a tupperware party except that they sell monogrammed bags, pillows, blankets, and other girly stuff at ridiculous prices. Flipping through their catalog, it seems they make their money selling you $30 bags for $69. And, of course, it has that whole direct marketing, pyramid thing going on. But, hey, the group of women at the house seemed to enjoy it.

Then it occurred to me. The food and the social interaction were apparently worth spending the extra money on bags for. So, I’m thinking that gun nuts would be stupid enough love to get their own monogrammed range and bug out bags. They’d be willing to sit around, have some good food, yammer on about guns and they wouldn’t mind spending way too much money a reasonable price on these things? Throw in some holsters too.

33 Responses to “An Idea”

  1. Weer'd Beard Says:

    Hell they buy H&K guns without any sort of social interaction, and the only think they monogram is “H&K” and “Law Enforcement Only”

    Because you suck and they hate you ; ]

  2. Joe Huffman Says:

    Read the book The Female Brain. Socialization, relationship building, and communication is far, far, more important to women than to men. It is that biologically facet these sales parties are tapping into.

    My guess is that if such a thing worked with men we would have seen it already for power tools, car accessories, and porn.

  3. Tango Says:

    You’re forgetting the beer.

  4. Breda Says:

    No thanks. Hate those parties, female brain or not.

  5. Jay G. Says:

    Uncle, are you really suggesting that Glock lovers have a Tupperware party?

  6. TomcatsHanger Says:

    I thought those where called gun shows?

  7. mike w. Says:

    I would have to be very drunk to attend such an event.

  8. Gunmart Says:

    You could do it at a local gun club or at a range and make it a range night thing too.

    Uncle, are you really suggesting that Glock lovers have a Tupperware party?


  9. Justthisguy Says:

    Joe, maybe that’s why I’m partial to Aspie chix. Unfortunately, it seems they’re all already married, or not interested. Yah, I’m bitter; I managed to screw up a nice relationship with the perfect nerd girl, and yes, I was at fault.

  10. ViolentIndifference Says:

    Joe: “Read the book The Female Brain.”

    1) Read it. Provides astounding insight.

    2) When I think of the title, I say to myself “female-ale” in Zoidberg’s voice.

  11. Breda Says:

    Just because a woman thinks girlie crap hard sell parties are second only to baby showers in the level of sheer mind numbing faux-camradierie inane small talk hell does not immediately indication she has ass burgers, gosh.

  12. Breda Says:

    Argh. INDICATE, not indication.
    Broad assumptions tend to make me typo, I guess.

  13. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    MMHMM, sounding more like it with every denial. It’s really the CDO that makes you typo. You know, it’s like OCD, except in alphabetical order, the way it should be.

  14. ViolentIndifference Says:

    “Broad” ASSumptions.


    And, yeah. The lovely Mrs. VI shares your opinion.

  15. Breda Says:

    Mr. Evilwrench. Try Dewey, I understand that much better. πŸ˜›

  16. DirtCrashr Says:

    Sounds like a Gunblogger Rendezvous to me! πŸ™‚ Where’s the swag again?

  17. Jerry Says:

    I saw an Amway packet in a friends mail the other day. Beer and pizza night were canceled, indefinatly.

  18. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Too bad the Antis would think you are having some kind of Militia Meeting and send the DHS Federales after you to monitor your “Suspected Domestic Terrorism” activity. After all, if the TSA can say on the news that they can violate your 4th Amendment right against unreasonable Search and Seizures, whose to say they won’t come after your 1st. Amendment right to Peaceably Assemble?

  19. comatus Says:

    Joe, “socialization, relationship building, and communication” are pronounced “fishing, titty bars, and poker” in these hyear ports. Marie Curie said “mind knows no sex” and I agree because, you know, she was hawt. Some minds OTOH know no sex at all.

  20. Justthisguy Says:

    Methinks Breda doth protest too much.

  21. Nylarthotep Says:

    Uncle, are you really suggesting that Glock lovers have a Tupperware party?

    Do you get to shoot the tupperware? Or fill it with stuff that explodes, then shoot it?

    If not I’ll pass.

  22. Justthisguy Says:

    P.s. Oh, Breda? The Library of Congress system is far superior to the Dewey Decimal system.

  23. Tirno Says:

    Yo hoo! Gun-way calling!

  24. ViolentIndifference Says:

    Justthisguy PWN’d Dewey. I’ve seen everything on the internets, now.

  25. Breda Says:

    I think justthisguy is justtryingtopickafight now.

  26. kirkosaurus Says:

    Ha! My wife sells 31 and is way ahead of you on that idea! πŸ™‚

  27. mikee Says:

    So what I see developing here is a bunch of guys having a drunken night at a stripper bar, passing around Kalashnakitty T-Shirts and Glock monogrammed windbreakers.

    I also see a Brady Group spin-off possibility here: Fruit of the Loom briefs with a racing stripe already dyed into the seat, for the PSH the gun lover meeting would cause.

    Maybe it still needs some work as an idea whose time has come.

  28. MJM Says:

    I volunteer the valley as the venue. Might bring extraneous, no-longer-used gun stuff to swap and sell, too. I have this ARMS–5 mount….

  29. DirtCrashr Says:

    Like I said, sounds like a Gunblogger Rendezvous – it’s even at a Casino!

  30. Justthisguy Says:

    Breda, if you people stop that “weeding” thing, then I might be prepared to play nice. I do admit to disliking a majority of librarians since I learned to read at age 6. I always thought that entirely too many librarians considered their job to be keeping me from reading books I wanted to read.

  31. OrangeNeck Says:

    Dream on, BMG-Boy!!! LOL!!

  32. Justthisguy Says:

    P.s. Breda, there’s a reason my blog is entitled “Enemies of the Library.” The “Friends of the Library” in this town, who founded the Public Library here, are a bunch of Police Republican old women, who toss the scientific and technical books in favor of keeping the bodice-rippers and gardening books.

  33. Norm Says:

    You know, I was thinking the same thing as my wife is also a 31 consultant…

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