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Gifts for Weirdos

An interesting list of gifts for people. I have given the S&W TacPen as a gift to a lot of folks. It’s always a hit.

Via Neatorama

5 Responses to “Gifts for Weirdos”

  1. Skullz Says:

    Heads up for the folks that are carrying tactical pens. A Security Theater says “no”.

    “A Supervisory TSO confirmed that item was a prohibited item. The police responded and issued the passenger a criminal summons to appear in court “

  2. Gunmart Says:

    There is a tactical laser pointer out now:

    I guess that makes the tactical pen now into a “backup”


  3. Miguel Says:

    Skullz, I traveled with a Surefire 6p and nobody said a darn thing, but they classify the pen a weapon? Oy!

    Anyway, Thanks for this post. My lovely bride will get one more gift that she can use at the office 🙂 .

  4. Ellen Says:

    The Christmas microbes would be perfect for those anime fans watching Moyashimon: Tales of Agriculture. Just Google Moyashimon if you don’t believe.

  5. Guav Says:

    I agree–it’s a hit!

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