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Shot Shell Auto Loading Pistol

Smith & Weston’s New.410 Double Trouble Autoloader:

20 Responses to “Shot Shell Auto Loading Pistol”

  1. ZK Says:

    Is it April already?

  2. highstepinlowcrawler Says:

    Another bad idea whose time has come….

  3. John Smith. Says:

    I would buy one just because it combines so many bad ideas… It would be my what not to do gun…

  4. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Long live the Mouse that Roared! Sad thing is, you know someone out there will be playing around in the Shop just to see if they can really make one. Then they’ll take it around to the different manufacturers, then it’ll be at the SHOT Show, then it’ll become the NRA’s Gun of the Year…..

  5. dustydog Says:

    It looks like fun, if it cost $200. But for $2000, I’ll take the Kimber .45 ACP behind door number one please.

    Of course, I’m still waiting for Taurus to man up and make a Judge pistol that fires 12 gauge 3 inch shells.

  6. Chris from AK Says:

    I think its a hoax.

    Funny, but not for real…

  7. Les Jones Says:

    I wonder if they’ll make a left-handed version in titanium that’s California legal.

  8. Joe Allen Says:

    What, no rail???

  9. Ellen Says:

    If it’s from Grand Fenwick, where do we attach the tactical halberd?

  10. Gunmart Says:

    Ummmm…. Yes, it IS a hoax….. Smith and Weston.

    Pretty funny

  11. Sigivald Says:

    As Chris says, joke.

    (Not only the clues above, but… the real S&W isn’t that stupid.

    The Judge is a nice toy, but you can’t really ape it in a semiauto pistol – at least not with the magazine in the grip.

    Nobody could actually hold the damned thing.

    It’s kind of a sad commentary on the gun industry, in a way, that this was even plausible…)

  12. Some Guy Says:

    I actually believed that for a second, until I thought how long a .410 cartridge is and how deep the grip would have to be.

  13. J. Wright Says:

    Uh … does it come with a folding stock as an option?

  14. chris Says:

    I’m holding out for the 12 guage model.

    Looks like a lot of fun, but $2,000 is pretty strong to me.

  15. Robert Says:

    The “press release” that goes with it is pretty funny.

  16. Douglas2` Says:

    [i]”When asked about the “Y” designation, Patrician Pedelunker, S&W’s VP of Product Names and Employee Parking Space Assignments told us, “We finally elected to name the frame based on the question everyone asked the moment they saw the prototype”. [/i]

  17. Ancient Woodsman Says:

    As they used the phrase “all in all” (misspelled ‘all and all’) they really hit the “almost a real gunwriter” part of the satire; it seems impossible these days for a ‘gunwriter’ to put out an article without either ‘all in all’ or ‘if I do my part…’ included in the narrative. How droll. How boring. Good Lord, do some real thinking for once. Or any at all.

    But, in this satire, how fitting & accurate. Neat joke that could be put in an “The Onion” version of any gun magazine.

    Happy Thanksgiving, by the way.

  18. Beaumont Says:

    “Tactical halberd” — I bet I could sell that idea to someone…

  19. ASM826 Says:

    While this one is clearly a photoshop, there is a 1911 style autoloader in .357 Magnum. The grip is huge. It has to deal with the rimmed cases, and I’d bet getting magazines would be like the search for the one true cross.

    It was made by a company called Coonan, here’s a picture.

  20. mostly cajun Says:

    “Shooting 500 grain gas checked cast bullets, .45 Colt accuracy was exceptional with groups consistently under an inch at three hundred yards.”

    I can sell some of my collection of long guns and buy this. I don’t have ANYTHING in the closet that will do a third of a minute of angle. This would take care of that, plus an added feature: If I put on another hundred pounds, I could use it for CCW.


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