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Quote of the Day

Cam Edwards on facebook:

There have been more than 2700 homicides in Juarez, Mexico this year. Right across the river in El Paso, Texas there have been 4. Yet President Calderon (and President Obama) says Mexico’s violence is the fault of our gun laws.

6 Responses to “Quote of the Day”

  1. Robert Says:

    I find that figure of 4 homicides in El paso to be dubious. I looked into the statistics behind it and it looks like a case of selective reporting by only one agency in the El Paso area.

    Still, that does not invalidate your point that it’s not our guns that are the problem with volence in Mexico.

  2. John Smith. Says:

    I can understand that rate if it has been scumbags coming for mexico all along and raising el paso’s crime rate… Now though the criminal are not even safe in their own country….

  3. Ellen Says:

    It’s always the US at fault. And if it needs to be personalized, it was George Bush. I’m getting tired of presidents who bow to thugs.

  4. Bat Chain Puller Says:

    Obama also says “we are not defined by our borders” That is one of the most deliberately stupid things I have ever heard.

  5. USCitizen Says:

    Cam has an excellent point there.

  6. Jack Betz Says:

    THe president of Mexico could stand to clean up his own house. And the president of the United States is a leftist socialist moron. He’s also a judas and given the chance I would tell him so to his face.

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