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Holster Review

Jay reviews The Executive II, a holster that was kinda my idea.

Also, The Holster Site is running special on high quality belts.

4 Responses to “Holster Review”

  1. ViolentIndifference Says:

    I bit right away – first day of the offer, I think. I’m really looking forward to the belt.

  2. mikee Says:

    I never knew how good a belt could be until I bought my first and so far only gun-carrying belt. It has lasted for five years of daily wear with nothing but complete satisfaction.

    I strongly urge anyone who has not had a good strong belt to buy one.

  3. falnfenix Says:

    i really hope Michael gets more exposure…for all his products, not just his holsters.

    which reminds me, i owe him a photo post of the purse.

  4. Jennifer Says:

    Those Executive holsters went on sale today too.