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Initial Impressions of Michael’s Holsters: The Executive

A bit back, I had an idea for a holster. Simple concept of a holster for smaller pistols that could be used for either pocket carry or inside the waistband carry. Reason is simple: pocket carry is what you do when concealment is a must. But it sucks in the event you have to draw the weapon. So, if you could easily switch, that would be pretty nice to have. I mentioned the idea to Michael, who makes holsters and runs The Holster Site. Based on my crazy idea, he built a holster he calls The Uncle err The Executive:

I have that exact holster in my possession now. And here are Mike’s other Executive holsters. I’ll have a more detailed review after I have worn it out err used it for a couple of weeks. But my initial thoughts:

This is a high quality holster. The materials are top notch and the quality is excellent.

Unlike my other pocket holsters, this one is rigid. My other pocket holsters are softer leather. Over time, they form to the gun and look more like a gun when in your pocket. And that’s not what you want. I don’t see that being an issue with The Executive. The leather is pretty darn rigid and takes some effort to form into the shape of you pocket.

The rigidity also leads to a smoother draw. My softer holsters require a bit of effort to draw because, in addition to clearing your pocket, you have to clear the gun from the holster. The softer holsters, over time, form snugly to the gun. I don’t anticipate this being an issue with the executive.

The hooks are solid and provide snug IWB carry. I’m a fan. That is my preferred method of carry but, when I can’t do that, I like it in my pocket. It’s in my pocket right now.

The dual hook design doesn’t lend to easy pocket carry in some of my pants/shorts with smaller pockets. Some of the pockets on some of my pants are just smaller and the holster will either go in very snugly or not at all. Not a big deal, really. Just means my yard work jeans will see less wear. Seems to me that the same basic design with a single J-hook in the center would lend to more versatility in the styles of pants you could use the holster with.

Overall, I am impressed. It’s a good quality holster and it looks sharp. I’ll give a more detailed review after I’ve had time to give it a workout.

8 Responses to “Initial Impressions of Michael’s Holsters: The Executive”

  1. Michael Says:

    🙂 Wear it well and wear it hard!

  2. Stranger Says:

    I have serial number 1 of the Executive. I have been wearing it fairly regularly, and second everything said about it.

    It’s not cheap – but a holster hang can cost your life.


  3. Mimi Says:

    As they say, Stranger, you get what you pay for. . .

  4. Rock in a Sea Of Chaos Says:

    So, when you are in pocket carry mode, do you unscrew the clips, or do they stay on?

  5. SayUncle Says:

    they stay on.

  6. Wally Says:

    Uncle Mikes has always been on the ugly side of the family ( but we’re talking concealed here so who in hell is going to see it ) and at the same time Uncle Mikes has always been known for function and good quality.
    When it comes Uncle Mikes I’m sold.

  7. Windy Wilson Says:

    Could you post a picture of it with a pistol in it? I can’t quite picture how it would actually hold a pistol or how it would look inside a waistband.

  8. Michael Says:

    Wendy, they aren’t for the same gun, but look at the entry here:

    There’s one for a J-frame and one for a PPK, with modeled pics, both IWB and pocketed.