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When Obama fails, it’s because Americans are ungovernable?

I dunno. I seem to recall a bit back a health care bill and some stimulus being passed that the president wanted. And most folks said they didn’t think that was a good idea. And then the president’s cronies called those folks racist.

I think I see the problem. We clearly don’t know what’s good for us. So, it’s our fault.

Do I have that right?

13 Responses to “Ungovernable”

  1. bluesun Says:

    We clearly *do* know what’s good for us. So, it’s our fault.
    I will accept the blame for their failure!
    Screw ’em!

  2. Rustmiester Says:

    It’s your fault, and by the way, only speak when you are spoken to!

  3. Bram Says:

    Governable: Capable of being governed or subjected to authority; controllable; manageable; amenable to law or rule.

    I am governable for only the most basic rules. I.e. don’t hurt or put others at risk unnessarily.

    Try telling me what kind of insurance to buy, how slow to drive on an open highway, or what kind of weapon I can defend myself with? Stick your nose into my private life – I will object loudly then ignore your rules if you make them anyhow. Then I am absolutely ungovernable.

  4. John Smith. Says:

    I love living on the dark side…

  5. j t bolt Says:

    Big desk, little man. No one talks about America being ungovernable when an adult is President.

  6. mariner Says:

    I hope we are ungovernable, but I doubt it.

    People here once wanted to govern themselves rather then be governed.

  7. Tam Says:

    “I was unaware that I had asked to be governed, public servant.”

  8. JKB Says:

    Looking at Obama’s failures and deciding the country is ungovernable is like investing with Bernie Madoff and deciding that you can’t make money in the stock market.

  9. Tam Says:

    JKB FTW.

  10. Rabbit Says:

    Ungovernable? Oh, just hide and watch, if they keep this up.

  11. DaddyBear Says:

    Of course we’re ungovernable. That was the whole point of that 1776 kerfluffle. We refuse to be governed by others. We are self-governed. We just substituted a non-violent, gentlemanly way to figure out what that means by having elections every couple of years instead of having brawls with sacks of manure over differences in public policy.

  12. Nate Says:

    I’ll take that as a compliment.

  13. Lyle Says:

    “Do I have that right?”


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