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Guns = Page views

Newspapers know that:

What’s a sure way to get Tennessee’s metro dailies to set up and take notice of the state’s rather dull gubernatorial race?

Invoke guns and concealed carry. It gets ‘em every time.

And despite the local press and liberals (but I repeat myself) trying to get everyone stirred up and hysterical over guns, the pro-rights side keeps winning.

One Response to “Guns = Page views”

  1. JKB Says:

    Here’s some circular logic from the Chattanooga Times:

    He made no mention of how the permitting process allows the state to withhold permits from felons and criminals, from people subject to court-ordered restraining orders, and, through a mandatory background check, from people with mental health disorders and other legal issues.

    Pure bureaucratese, if there is not permitting process, we cannot withhold permits. I guess hopefully implying that such dearth of withholding would magically permit prohibited persons to carry. To bad a commenter nailed that cross down almost immediately.

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