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By The Time I Get To Arizona

City of Phoenix tears down signs advertising a campaign for gun safety:

The city of Phoenix, in an apparently arbitrary move and without formal legal process, has forced CBS Outdoors to tear down 50 illuminated bus-shelter billboards under contract to promote gun safety training for children and their parents.

The posters were placed by, a commercial joint-educational effort of the firearms industry in Arizona, and had been up all over the Phoenix metro area for a little over one week before the city acted.

5 Responses to “By The Time I Get To Arizona”

  1. JP Says:

    Don’t you know? Guns are scary! Can’t let the public see them, even if it is advertising for safety!

  2. Weer'd Beard Says:

    Safety is also bad, as it reduces” Gun Death” which is the currency of gun control.

  3. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Hmm. Juan Williams gets fired, George Soros pours millions into Far Left “News” orgs, now the City of Phoenix decides to censor the RKBA. All of this happening just before an Election. Guess the Ruling DemiCommie Regime is dumping their Sheep’s Clothing. Be ready to play Hardball after the Election.

  4. JKB Says:

    Somebody needs a lesson in speech content bans. The city attorney’s justification doesn’t sound like it will go far but he’s accomplished his goal of costing the enterprise money.

    I like this part:

    “The Phoenix attorney’s office claimed these were public service announcements, and those are banned, said Alan Korwin, manager of the TrainMeAZ campaign …

  5. eck! Says:

    One by one they come.. Control the media, control their minds. Like the 2nd the first is also entitled to the application of the 5th.

    There are many ways law dies, bad law by corrupt governments and people that chose to obey unwritten laws.

    News of today can suffer deja vu too, its called history.


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