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90 days for a handgun permit?

In CT. State mandated 90 days to get one of the best tools for home defense. Shotguns take two weeks.

11 Responses to “90 days for a handgun permit?”

  1. geekWithA.45 Says:

    Something has seriously changed in CT since I was a kid. IIRC, long guns were cash & carry.

  2. Mopar Says:

    It’s bad here in CT, but not quite THAT bad. There is no state mandated wait for a pistol permit. There is a state law that says your permit must be processed WITHIN 8 weeks, though this is often violated by certain towns. The usual claim is because there have been so many permit applications since November 2008. You can also get what is called a “Certificate of Eligibility” which is issued directly by the state, not the town. This allows you to purchase a handgun, but does not allow you to carry it on your person in public. These usually only take a few weeks to get.
    Yes, there can be a 2 week waiting period on long guns, but that’s only if you don’t have a pistol permit, CoE, or a hunting license. If you have any of those there is no waiting period. Also, I *think* that the 2 week long gun wait only applies to purchases through a FFL. I don’t think it applies to private party purchases.

  3. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Problem is, most CT citizens are just waking up from the Cheshire Massacre, and are buying their First Weapons, so they have to jump through all the Bureaucratic Hoops. I’m glad that in Ohio my Gun Purchasing Permit says “Federal Reserve Note” and it works fine at the “Not a Dealer” tables at our Gun Shows.

  4. Mike Says:

    Only 90 days? Took over twice that long to get my permit in NY.

  5. Mopar Says:

    I’ll also point out that as bad as CT seems, it’s WAY better then any other state in the area. While technically a carry permit is “may issue”, in all but a few cities it is esentially “shall issue”. Basically the good guys and gals all get their permits. We do have an AWB, but it’s the same joke that the federal one was. We don’t have any capacity/magazine bans, no approved rosters, no one gun a month law. Anyone in MA, RI, NJ or NY would love to have CT’s gun laws I think.

  6. Ron W Says:

    ” A right delayed is a right denied.” –Martin Luther King, Jr.

  7. Jack Dupp Says:

    It took 15 months for my girlfriends permit to be issued here in Buffalo and hers is restricted to “hunting & target”. Here in NY you need a permit to even lawfully possess a handgun. In fact it is illegal to even handle one in a gun store if you don’t have a permit. Mine took 9 months and I got mine over 10 years ago.

  8. Ron W Says:

    “In fact it is illegal to even handle one (a handgun) in a gun store if you donít have a permit.” –Jack Dupp

    That’s an incredible amount of tyranny…to which, if people acquiesce, portends a spiraling down into total slavery.

    The right to acquire, keep and carry the means of self-dfesne is THE historical aspect which distinguishes free persons from slaves. free people from

  9. Fangbeer Says:

    I think I waited over 90 days in line at the DPS to get my photo taken for my state permit once I got my city issued temp permit.

  10. bluesun Says:

    “12 or more weeks” is what I was told, and what it took me in Western Colorado. About the same, except for the “or more” part.

  11. Adrian Says:

    I waited over 6 months for my handgun permit in Monroe County, New York. And that’s with it being “expedited.”

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