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More Lucky Gunner Shoot Stuff

First, Mike’s chili recipe. It is awesome. And has beans, to annoy the purists.

The opening shot, starring yours truly. I was not 100% certain, from the directions, if I had it together right. And given the amount of pressure from a .50, I wasn’t going to take the chance that I did it wrong and have my head anywhere near the part that goes boom.

Pics and a report from Richard, including a nice fireball.

Les Jones: I learned something about using a Surefire light on a 12 gauge

6 Responses to “More Lucky Gunner Shoot Stuff”

  1. j t bolt Says:

    That is a pretty good version of Manhattan Style Chili. Mmmm, bell peppers and tomatoes….

  2. BobG Says:

    I can’t imagine it being chili without comino; it just wouldn’t taste right.

  3. Skip Says:

    Eh, the beans don’t annoy purists – because it ceases to be chili when the beans are added, so it doesn’t exist as chili to be annoying. At that point it’s bean stew (and you might as well go ahead and replace the meat with tofu).

  4. mikee Says:

    Use a Jeff Foxworthy voice: “If your just-assembled 50 cal rifle might blow up when you pull the trigger for the first time, but you pull that trigger anyway, because you’re on camera… you might be a redneck.”

  5. SayUncle Says:

    mikee wins the internet.

  6. Jerry Says:

    Is that a wheelgun on you hip, or are my eyes really that bad?

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