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Leonard Embody Update

He lost his case. Seems that marking up the NFA forms is considered executing them.

And he asks Haslam about gun permits.

3 Responses to “Leonard Embody Update”

  1. kwikrnu Says:

    He showed up at a Tennessee Firearms meeting last night. Me and a couple of other guys including richard hamblin got him to say he would sign legislation. This helps pressure the legislature.

    This has been spreading all over Tennessee. It is a big deal because Haslam has a B- rating with the NRA. He was a member of Bloomberg’s Mayors against guns. As Mayor he oversaw the banning of guns in Knoxville City Parks.

    My audio on youtube which is only edited for time (I took out a few people’s questions because they made little sense and had no relation to vermont style open carry)

    Video of my question



    Nashville Scene

    News Channel 5

    Memphis Commercial Appeal

  2. kwikrnu Says:

    link to the final order in the silencer case

  3. NJHC Says:

    Leonard Embody said he is going to send this ruling to all TN sheriffs:

    Apparently, he figures that if more sheriffs start denying NFA sign-offs, it’ll help his cause. With friends like these..