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In the mail

One of these:

From Gun Porn

Tactilite T2 Magazine Fed .50 Cal.

19 Responses to “In the mail”

  1. Gecko_45 Says:

    That’s a good tactical start. I personally only use the Tactical Operator Edition Special Weapons .50BMGACPMAG (TOESW .50BMGACPMAG), but to each his own. I prefer Special Weapons to any other manufacturer for their reliability and build quality. After all, when I’m on foot, pursuing a Colombian drug lord through the Forever 21, or when my tactical unit is on a black op against a skateboard punk hideout, I want my Charlie team covering the exists from concealment with nothing but the best .50BMGACPMAG available. My TOESW .50BMGACPMAG comes standard with select fire, 9″ barrel, 30 round magazine, and folds down into a tactical carry case small enough to fit in my operator briefcase, between my hard ceramic plates and SW MP3. Since you seem to be on the pathway of the operator, I’d be happy to get together with you, sometime, to run you through some full auto .50BMGACPMAG ops training routines at our tactical unit’s headquarters.

  2. daniels Says:

    Building your own pistol?

  3. SPQR Says:

    You have a bigger mailbox than I do …

  4. Tam Says:

    Don’t forget that ORSA has a 1000yd range…

  5. Will Says:


  6. Chris Says:

    What lower are you going to put it on? I have always been interested in these, but always slow down when I think about the stress on the lower.

  7. Gunmart Says:

    Thats gonna put you on a gov’t watch list. Oh well… you want to be prepared for zombies in airplanes 😀

  8. SayUncle Says:

    What lower are you going to put it on?

    Came with a lower. Haven’t seen it yet. Sitting at the shop.

  9. TomcatsHanger Says:

    Made in Mexico?

    Does 922(r) come into play?

  10. Pete Says:

    Awesome. Hope you have reloading gear for the .50 BMG.

    What barrel length are you getting?

  11. nk Says:

    Billy Dixon is still the standard at 1538 yards With a coal burner.

  12. Linoge Says:

    We are going to have to have another range day, are we not? 🙂

  13. Jay G. Says:

    You get *way* better schwag, Unc…

  14. Newman Says:

    I’ve had my eye on one of these too. I was thinking of one in 416 Barrett. You must let us know what you think.

  15. Fred Says:

    Well just color me jealous!

  16. Kristopher Says:

    Don’t get too ambitious … I’ve found that my 50 upper is an OK 500 yard rifle, but is too light to go very far beyond that. An AR lower is still a bit rickity for that platform.

    I was shooting with the .50 crowd out at Nisqually WA, and they were beating the pants off me with much heavier rifles. An Armalite AR-50 is about twice the weight of mine, and can easily shoot respectable groups at 600 yards. I’ll admit that they were way more experienced than I was, but their first bit of advice was to get a heavier rifle if I wanted to seriously compete.

    If I was to do this again, I think I would have saved my pelf and bought an Armalite, Barrett, or maybe an LAR.

    I’ll probably be downgrading the scope on mine, and saving the expensive glass for a future rifle purchase.

  17. Robert Says:

    In 60 days you’ll know a lot more than you do now about .50 cal. And that’s a good thing! Have fun!

  18. dave Says:

    Any gun with 2 magwells looks odd to me. I mean I know why it has them, but it still looks funny. I hope it’s as fun to shoot as it looks.

  19. aeronathan Says:

    Yeah, this is me being jealous…..

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