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You dawg, I heard you liked pockets

The Outback Jacket has over 20 pockets and looks nothing like a shoot me first vest:

From Stuff

For those times when your tactical pants run out of room.

20 Responses to “You dawg, I heard you liked pockets”

  1. Jeff the Baptist Says:

    If it had a bi-swing back it would be perfect.

  2. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Duluth Trading Company has a lot of the same “Hideaway” clothing AND they come in TALLS. Check ’em out.

  3. Wolfwood Says:

    …so I put pockets in your pockets so you can carry while you carry.

  4. Wolfwood Says:

    Also, is there a reason every single “CCW Jacket” looks like it was designed by someone in Colorado who wears a lot of flannel? Can’t we East Coast types get clothing that’s not either 5.11 or looks like we should be herding sheep?

  5. mikee Says:

    Being one who loses my wallet if it is in my right backside jeans pocket rather than my left pocket, even when looking for it with both hands, I wonder at the “time to find item x” this jacket necessarily entails, and the likely frequency of me trying to make a phone call using my first aid kit.

    A place for everything, and everything in its place, is a great ideal to live by, even in accessorizing your attire, as long as the list of places and things isn’t something you have to write down and access to find your car keys.

  6. Stretch Says:

    Mikee nails it. Jacket violates the K.I.S.S. rule.

  7. BobG Says:

    I’ve been wearing photographer vests for years, and have never had problems finding anything quickly. It’s all in how you organize, and stick with a system.

  8. falnfenix Says:

    i own the Ultimate Hoodie Microfleece and i can’t say i use anywhere near the amount of pockets that comes in this thing. i think i use 5 pockets out of 11…many of them are too small for my crap.

  9. DirtCrashr Says:

    That would sure get you a pat-down crossing the border in the old-days, don’t try to go for a swim carrying a load either. I had a Levis jacket once with a hidden pocket for my passport.

  10. LibertyNews Says:

    I’m waiting for the jeans jacket version.

  11. Gunmart Says:

    looks nothing like a shoot me first vest

    Send that link to Michael Bane 😀

  12. Peter Says:

    “For those times when your tactical pants run out of room.”

    If, you know, you’re actually *wearing* pants.

  13. aczarnowski Says:

    I’m going the other way; trying to pare down the amount of stuff I carry to run in standard 5-pocket jeans and khakis. I prefer cargos or Carhartts, but they can’t be my entire wardrobe and every day carry means just that.

  14. Rivrdog Says:

    The Colt 1911 was designed to be relatively slim, and it is an excellent carry gun. Praise be unto JMB. If you want something smaller, lighter AND thinner, get a Walther PP. Stay away from the bulky Glocks. Learn to sit still in a chair. Perhaps, even, modify your pants with some sort of tacky-rubber inside the waistband. Sew a long thin pocket within a pocket for your spare magazine.

    Leave the tacky-tal pants, vests and coats in the store. If you want to carry enough stuff to fill all those pockets, enlist, and the Army will give you Molle gear to fill up, and even tell you what to fill it with.

  15. junyo Says:

    That’s not a lot of pockets. This is a lot of pockets.

  16. Jerry Says:

    I’ve managed to pare down to carpenter jeans and a t-shirt, and I am not going back. It’s hard to move with cat like stealth when you have a kitchen sink in your coat pocket.

  17. dave Says:

    lol@junyo’s link, “shoes and wardrobe” pockets?

  18. Ian Argent Says:

    I’ve had one of their older jackets for a couple years now. It’s surprisingly discreet even if you load it up. As a vest, I suppose it’s “obvious” if you wear it in the summer like I do, but it’s not as indiscreet as a photog vest, IMHO.

    I don’t use every pocket every day, but I have used nearly every cavity in the thing at one point or another. (Exceptions are the writs pockets in mine – they’re too inconvenient to get into).

  19. Jeanette K. Says:

    I can’t imagine it’s comfortable keeping that much stuff in your pockets. Or maybe it is…

  20. Ian Argent Says:

    It’s not too bad.

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