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It is clear: Crimes against the state are more severe than crimes with victims

15 year old gets 12 months for “filing a false report”. Counselor escorting her rapes her, has a decade long history of raping other clients, and receives probation.

6 Responses to “It is clear: Crimes against the state are more severe than crimes with victims”

  1. JKB Says:

    Well, he just raped children but she made people in the law and order community do paperwork.

    I like how they never actually confirm he was fired. But he was one of their own so they took care of him. Wouldn’t want someone they worked with to suffer for raping handcuffed children who had no one to go to since, as we see, they take care of their own.

    Nice touch the DA complaining about the judge accepting the plea his office had no obligation to accept in the first place. Maybe he needs to look in his own house before throwing stones.

  2. wizardpc Says:

    Did you catch the part where the girl ended up serving THREE years because she wasn’t a good little prisoner?

    Gee, whatever would’ve made her resent her keepers?

  3. Ancient Woodsman Says:

    It is so sad this happens. Bravo the very brave girl for speaking out. I’m sure we all hope for her best.

    Nothing new here, though. I sat through a brutal felony arraignment before presenting one of my cases – 5 misdemeanor environmental charges.

    The felony? The two bad guys and woman had brutally abused her kids over time, just about killed them. Permanent damage physically & mentally. Very quiet, matter of fact stuff, no excitement or raised voices. We finished our case and the judge just about came off the bench at our defendant and yelled at him a long lecture about sanctity of law, precious environment, etc. He even recommended a higher fine that we had asked.

    Me & my two Rangers left saying, “Wow…guess its o.k. to abuse your kids in (city), but don’t cut the trees.”

  4. Dave Says:

    This is awful. Something is broken when this occurs.

  5. emdfl Says:

    Garrantee this guy wasn’t fired. He’s sitting home drawing full pay and still probably sharing his files and favorite victim photos with the judge (and maybe the DA).

  6. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    She was probably marked a bad prisoner because she wouldn’t put out for the prison officials like she had for the counselor.

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