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Hippies: Like Libertarians only smellier

Shill blogger: Were the girl youll take under the bleachers but you wont be seen with in the light of day.

And a look at blog numbers and how to get Axelrod to call you.

I think hippie punching is my new favorite term. And it should be a national sport.

11 Responses to “Hippies: Like Libertarians only smellier”

  1. mike w. Says:

    There’s certainly no shortage of them to punch.

  2. Gunmart Says:

    I think hippie punching is my new favorite term.

    Put it on a t-shirt…. you’ll make a million bucks.

  3. mikee Says:

    Welcome to the world of, where Frank J. and compatriots analready have the subject of hippie punching well covered on a regular basis.

    Get the T-shirt here:,254676594?sourcecode=affiliate&cmp=pfc–f–us–007–254676594&utm_source=froogle&utm_medium=productfeed&utm_term=254676594&utm_campaign=light-t-shirt

  4. Gunmart Says:

    Get the T-shirt here

    I was thinking of something funnier then that….. Not sure what, but that was just too Eric Cartman for me.

  5. Gunmart Says:

    Here is a better one:

  6. Gunmart Says:

    Origins of Hippie punching:

  7. Gunmart Says:

    Hippie punching FAQ:

    *There uncle…. I just put together a guest blogger post on hippie punching for ya! 😀

  8. Shootin' Buddy Says:

    1. Cut the Taxes,
    2. Defend the Borders,
    3. Punch the Hippies.

    Thompson 2012!

  9. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Yawl can punch all the Hippies you want, just make sure you wash your hands well when you’re done, and use hand sanitizer. Don’t want too many of the “Forces of Darkness” to come down with some weird germ you might get off them.

  10. dave Says:

    I loved Frank’s snarky commentary.

    “Never, ever pistol-whip a hippie. You could mar the finish on your firearm.”

  11. mariner Says:

    That’s right. Those scales are harder than you think.

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