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Stuff to do. But here’s some stuff to read.

Guns in Mexico: steal them from police arsenals.

Gun rights and the 2010 elections

You can have my beer stein when you pry it from my cold dead hands.

Murder rates rising at alarming rate in NYC. Unlike the rest of the country.

Bottlenecked handgun cartridges

Subcompact Gen4 Glocks coming

13 Responses to “Busy”

  1. Gunmart Says:

    Re: Guns in mexico…

    Haha, beat ya to it:


  2. Shootin' Buddy Says:

    Pffft, no problem, the Mexican government will just arrest them after the bandits come back after the 5 day waiting period, right?

  3. DirtCrashr Says:

    Mexiguns, so that’s how they do it! See my shocked face.

  4. Rivrdog Says:

    Re: pistol bottleneck calibers. I have a NAA Guardian in .32 NAA. It is a well-made firearm, but very heavy for it’s size, about half-again as much as a P3AT. It is also much thicker, and imprints seriously in the pocket, even when worn inside a DeSantis pocket holster. The ammo, only made by Cor-Bon, is hugely expensive and too fiddly-small to reload with geezer fingers.

    The speed of the cartridge is the only reason I keep it, and I dream of a project where I take a solid old .380, like an old all-metal Bersa, and have a barrel made in 32NAA. A 4-inch barrel would give closer to 1500 or maybe even 1600 fps for the 60-grain bullets.

  5. Freiheit Says:

    But guns are illegal in NYC?

  6. Chris L Says:

    I currently have a SW mod 53 in .22 Rem jet being offered to me from the same guy who sold me the Thompson 1911. I have, so far, refused the offer because it is such an obscure cartridge. This is the first time I have ever seen anything about this revolver or cartridge talked about on any blog. I did do research on the revolver when he first offered it to me but didn’t think much of it at the time. Now I am a bit more curious about it. How rare is this firearm and he is offering it to me with ammo for less than a grand. Would this be a good acquisition?

  7. Gunnutmegger Says:


    Keep us posted on that project.

    And, apparently you used to be able to get a Makarov barrel in .32NAA:

    Holy dogdoo, I want one. 1817 fps, 439 ft/lb!

  8. Gunnutmegger Says:


    My research for that article was pretty thorough, and I suspect that gun will be a “safe queen” for you if you buy it. Any ammo you can find for it will be very expensive, and the setback issue is a pain in the ass.

    My old Blue Book sez: They made 3-screw and 4-screw versions; the 4-screw ones carry a higher value. The 8 3/8″ barrel models are worth about 10% more than the 4″ and 6″. Some of the Model 53s allegedly came with a .22LR cylinder. That might salvage the gun’s value as a shooter (and add an extra $200 of value).

    But I think $1000 is too much, unless the gun is in mint condition, has the .22LR cylinder and all 6 .22 chamber adapters, in the original box.

  9. Chris L Says:

    Safe queen is what I was thinking too. It does have the spare cylinder and about 100 round of jet ammo. It may have the case I have seen in some actions but I am unsure. It is LESS than a grand and I have some room to haggle.
    I’m thinking is this may be one of those “rare” finds and may pan out some years later.
    What I am interested to know if someone else thinks the same thing.It might have the case too and I will check on that in the morning.
    With the .22 lr cylinder I would try and use it as a .22 lr every time I shoot.
    Would that hurt the value?

  10. Chris L Says:

    Oh and on the Gen 4 thing…. I have a CZ 2075 in .40 SW. Anyone compared these 2 pistols?
    I love it! Works every time. I hit what I point it at. Whats not to love?

  11. Rabbit Says:

    Chris. I think I disremember that someone- maybe S&W, maybe not- made a chamber adapter to convert .22 Jet to .22LR.

    I’m posting this without Goobling it first, and trusting something I might have read in a 1967 GUNS Annual. Or maybe I didn’t read it. Dunno, but I the memory persists.

  12. Gunnutmegger Says:

    Rabbit, that’s correct. The gun included 6 sleeves to fit over a .22S/L/LR round and allow them to fit into the chambers. Without all 6, deduct some value.

    But, the .22 Rem Jet was a centerfire, and the firing pin was designed for that. I do not know how durable the chamber inserts were after being used to align a rimfire round with the firing pin. I would look closely at them to see if they are dented up from the firing pin, thus making them useless. And lowering the value of the gun.

    Chris, I suspect that any collector value on a Model 53 would have made itself known in the gun world by now. It really hasn’t. I have no idea how good the gun shot with .22LR; the twist rate of the rifling is probably different for .22LR and .22 Rem Jet. And that isn’t something to sneeze at; just fire one of those .22LR Aguila SSS bullets, with a 60-grain slug, through a regular .22 and the damn thing will keyhole the target every time.

  13. Chris L. Says:

    Thanks for all the info guys. I am trying to hunt this guy down to get more details and a current price. I will send some pics in to Uncle if I can get my hands on this bugger.

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