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The great gun nut/Republican party hack divide

I know it’s an election year and all.

Ok, guys, if you want to suck up to us, get our votes and then ignore us after elections like you usually do, you’re gonna have to do a better job of understanding the issue. You can’t just say guns and Democrats in the same sentence and expect us to get excited.

The hearing is likely about the ATF Modernization Act, which NSSF supports.

Via NewsAlert.

Update: See.

2 Responses to “The great gun nut/Republican party hack divide”

  1. J Richarson Says:

    I spoke with a member of Committee staff about this. She said the hearings were not specific to S. 941, the ATF Reform Act. The direction the hearings take will be up to the individual Senators.

    I have a couple of emails out to their press contacts seeking more information.

  2. Law Dog Says:

    S 941 has nothing to do w/ gun shows. It is to reform ATF. It has 36 cosponsors from both sides of the aisle. In the House, 230 members are cosponsoring the bill – that a majority of the House

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