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Shotgun shell candles

Candles for men. Those are pretty cool. Be cooler if they smelled like Hoppes #9.

Via John.

3 Responses to “Shotgun shell candles”

  1. comatus Says:

    Heh, “Hopeps.” No, I’m not scoring a point on you, just noticing once again how often a simple typo can get right to the heart of the matter. “Hopeps,” a real energy capsule. Increases vigor and endurance. Wouldn’t everything be cooler if it smelled like that?

    Enough #9 could make you kiss a cop down at Hollywood and Vine.

  2. SayUncle Says:

    Lol. I don’t need to proofread, i have a bunch of smart asses editing me 🙂

  3. mikee Says:

    Remember to remove the primers first…

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