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Same song, different statistics

You know what he haven’t heard about in a while? Guns in Mexico.

5 Responses to “Same song, different statistics”

  1. Dave Says:

    Just sounds like even more justification to close the border completely (if it were true). It’s for their own good.

  2. mikee Says:

    When will the illegal immigrants coming north start to carry, with intent to sell to the general public, some of those military full-auto rifles and grenade launchers that seem so readily available in Mexico to drug criminals?

    Maybe if we start a rumor (or just a lie) that such is happening, the ATF will get all over the immigration issues that ICE ignores.

  3. Sailorcurt Says:

    I want to know why the numbers keep changing?

    First it was 90%, then 80%, this article is reporting 75%, I just saw one from MAiG alleging 70%.

    Are they just throwing numbers up to see how low it has to go before people start buying their BS?

  4. Stuart the Viking Says:

    Yes Sailrocurt, they are making them up as usual.

    Dave, I like your idea. I have said for years that the best thing to do would be to close the border. Build a nice big wall, and patrol it. Certianly, there should be a few places where legitimate traffic can cross, that’s not the problem, the problem is all those non-legitimate places where people are crossing the border.


  5. Jake Says:


    I think they are making them up. Like this one:

    Arizona, Texas and New Mexico had an export rate 169 percent greater than any other states

    Using the numbers they gave for the top 10 states, I couldn’t get 169%. Either they’re using some odd combination of states, they’re using a weird formula, or they’re pulling numbers out of their as thin air (which would explain why they smell funny).

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