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And speaking of Haslam and guns

I got the flyer in the mail this weekend that was going around. The flyer touts Haslam as strong on guns and has quotes from a veteran and NRA member so you know he’s serious and genuine. And that he didn’t just join the NRA recently. Oh, wait.

I note that several people I know got the flyer. And everyone I know who got the flyer has a handgun carry permit. Guessing his campaign got a copy of the database and used it to spam us. And this is exactly why the bill to restrict access to the handgun database failed. So politicos could spam you.

One Response to “And speaking of Haslam and guns”

  1. Ron W Says:

    All polticians will say they support the 2nd Amendment…since many believe that the “militia” subordinate sentence clause somewhow allows the government to restrict or even deny the right of the people.

    For Tennessee politicians re: the right of armed self defense, they need to be asked if they support that to which they will take an oath; specifically the wording of Article I, Section 26 of the State Constitution.

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