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They make good targets or decent ways to lock gates

Otherwise, I find gun locks to be totally useless. Even if they’re free. Interestingly, someone in comments actually suggests that we not educate our kids about guns. I guess we should act like they don’t exist. And do the same with sex and drugs too, I suppose? What could possibly go wrong?

8 Responses to “They make good targets or decent ways to lock gates”

  1. Shootin' Buddy Says:

    Great way to transport guns and comply with TSA regs, Uncle.

    How did you lock your guns when you went to Alaska? Did you buy something else then?

  2. SayUncle Says:

    a regular lock on a pistol case.

  3. Sean OH Says:

    I use them to lock my gun cases going to and from the range and I have a Ruger one locking up my foot locker where I keep all my old crap from college in the basement; the assorted debris includes a blowgun, a KaBar with a broken tip and some hunting arrow heads, none of which I want the kids paying with. Other than that, they are useless.

  4. Drake Says:

    I don’t find much use for them personally. I tend to view them as more of a “souvenir” of the purchase.

  5. JKB Says:

    While gun locks have their uses I suppose, this program is doomed to failure. It will fail simply because it requires conscious action by everyone all the time to be effective. The writer of the post correctly points out that educating children is the way to go. For every child gunproofed, they are now safe everywhere even from improper handling by others. Knowledge is power

    I would call it gunproofing rather than educating just as there is drownproofing, which isn’t learning to swim. Educating can come later but a child at an early age needs to be shown what a real gun looks, feels, and smells like, why it is dangerous (shooting a watermelon is effective) and what they need to do to stay safe. No touching is good but what if another kid picks up the gun?

    Think just telling kids not to touch guns will work? Let’s go to the videos where a child drilled on not talking to strangers, walks right out of the park with someone looking for there lost dog.

  6. ka Says:

    The cable locks that come Federally mandated with your gun purchases are total crap. 10yr old kids can pick them in under a minute with a paperclip.

  7. RC Says:

    Best thing to do with those gun locks is to ship them to schumer and company with a nice note that says f’ you

  8. mikee Says:

    Free gun locks make great items to carry on board plane flights. Those 12″ flexible cable hasps make a great handle for swinging the metal lock like a mace, should the need arise.

    What? You got something better?

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