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13 ridiculous tactical items

Here. You probably saw most of those here already.

2 Responses to “13 ridiculous tactical items”

  1. Matt Groom Says:

    I think if I was dating a chick who was like “I want to get a corset, but it’s GOT to be bulletproof!” then I would have to marry her.

  2. Geodkyt Says:

    The Ranger Paper is actually useful for soldiers. We used their notebooks a lot in the field, because they are pretty rain resistant and don’t turn into paste when trying to scribble notes (like the callsigns and freqs for tomorrow’s operations) in the rain (or after you’ve gotten soaked in the rain or crossing a stream). Even with a pencil, regular paper can easily fall apart when written while wet.

    The copier paper fills the same role for things like checklists that can be mass-generated in the rear, but are going to be used (once) in the field.

    Of course, like anything “tactical”, if it doesn’t fill a real need in YOUR kit, it’s high-priced crap.

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