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The .380 ACP in Review: A Critique of the American Rifleman Review of 9 New 380s.

From Mike. In other news, local ammo supplier Lucky Gunner has a blog.

6 Responses to “The .380 ACP in Review: A Critique of the American Rifleman Review of 9 New 380s.”

  1. Jim W Says:

    My p3at malfunctioned twice in the first 100 rounds but has gone through thousands of rounds since then with only two malfunctions that were both due to bad ammo.

  2. nk Says:

    The .380 is a fine cartridge. The first pistol (1903 Browning?) for it was even better. My grandfather carried one in the Balkan War of 1912. His brother liked the 1911 Government and was summarilly executed by the Nazis for having one in the house.

  3. nk Says:


  4. Mu Says:

    Better a PPK in the pocket than a Glock in the safe.

  5. ericire12 Says:

    Better a Kel-Tec in the pocket than a PPK in the pocket


  6. Mike Says:

    Agreed re having the gun actually on you-didn’t really want to discuss the merits of the caliber, but showing up for the gunfight with a gun is pretty critical. Compact, flat, and light all raise that likelihood we’ll actually have it at that precipice moment–in the parking garage, in the mall, wherever and whenever. (Mine is a S&W J-frame firing +P, not a 9mm or one of the “starts with a 4” calibers.)
    Having said that, the more propellant and the more lead, the better when the meth-head ignores your command voice.