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Tired of WinXP. Putting Eeebuntu on the netbook. Any must have applications or advice?

ETA: Looks like I’ll set it up to dual boot.

25 Responses to “Enough”

  1. Freiheit Says:

    Install the prior version not the latest version. Usually takes them a few weeks to squish all the stray driver bugs.

  2. alan Says:

    I use Eeebuntu on my Eee. Love it.

    It installs most of what you want anyway, but you can apt-get just about anything you need that isn’t installed.

    I use Pidgen for IM, Chatzilla for IRC.

  3. Tango Says:

    Do you copy DVDs to your hard drive? HandBrake
    Audio player Audacious2 (installed by default)
    Another alternative IRC client is XChat

  4. Tango Says:

    Oh, and advice? Don’t reboot after everything. You just upgraded 99% of all of the programs? Unless you touched the kernel, no reboot required.

    Oh, forgot flash: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree
    (free as in beer, but not free as in speech)

  5. ben Says:

    Do they not make an Eee version of Win 7? I tried Ubumtoo on my PC back when I was a linux/gentoo fanatic, and I absolutely hated it. Windows 7 is so good I stopped using Linux all together and just have a little Cygwin shell.

  6. Phelps Says:

    I recommend whiskey. Scotch, something moderately expensive like Johnny Walker Red, since you are likely to go through the whole bottle.

  7. Sigivald Says:

    My advice? Unless you prefer to spend time poking Linux rather than using the computer to actually do stuff?


    (Disclosure: I’ve been running Windows, MacOS, and Linux at home, simultaneously, for about 15 years.

    But linux, for a primary OS in a non-server role? Masochism.)

  8. Davidwhitewolf Says:

    ET’s adventure may be of interest.

  9. Aaron Spuler Says:

    Might give Ubuntu Netbook Remix a try…

  10. adam lawson Says:

    I’ve been using Linux since 2006 exclusively but never Eeebuntu. Used Ubuntu for a while; it’s not bad. for most non-gaming tasks you should be good to go.

    Sigi, which Linux? Debian/Ubuntu havent required much tweaking for me, neither has CentOS. Slackware, otoh…

  11. Otter Says:

    I would second going right to Ubuntu Netbook Remix… though you should know that Windows, despite all it’s sins still has a slightly better battery life.

    If you have the drive space, I’d dual boot.


  12. FITZ Says:

    Phelps, blended scotch is a crime against nature. Try a bottle of Macallan single malt.

  13. Jake Says:

    I’ve used Ubuntu on my laptop for years now, and I love it. Occasionally an update can break something, which can be frustrating, but it still beats the continuous bloat and slowdown of Windows. Also, Ubunutu’s support community is pretty good, and is friendly and responsive.

    I would second looking into Ubuntu’s netbook remix. I’ve looked at it (even though I don’t actually have a netbook), and it seems to be pretty well thought out for what it’s meant to do.

  14. Tango Says:

    The netbook remix bothers me just because of the permanent maximized state of everything and the inability to access the desktop. Just regular Ubuntu should be fine. If you install and set up the netbook remix and don’t like it, you can always remove the netbook remix parts of it to just have Ubuntu. It’s incredibly easy to use. I’ve got 3 PCs, all 3 run Ubuntu exclusively. Laptop, desktop, file server. It is *NOT* windows. It’s going to be uncomfortable at first. However, any time you want some software… just download it. LEGALLY! The same programs that you might have to buy for $50 in windows was originally written and is polished and FREE in Linux.

  15. Thibodeaux Says:

    I just blew away Windows on old laptop for Ubuntu. One thing I didn’t realize: Netflix doesn’t work on Linux. Doh.

  16. alan Says:

    Depending on your model of Eee, OSX might work too.

    Make it a Hackentosh.

  17. Borepatch Says:

    I also use Ubuntu Netbook Remix, Firefox, OpenOffice (sometimes), and The Gimp (not because it’s a good idea, but because I can) are the apps of choice.

    I’d think that there’s geek points in FreeCiv on it, but maybe that’s just me.

    One weird thing, Firefox seems to have a memory leak or something. After a day or two, sound stops working. I kill -9 the process, and then start it back up (and Firefox restores my tabs). Not sure if anyone else sees this. I see it both on the netbook (Acer) and desktop (Compaq).

  18. Sean OH Says:

    Geek Guru says
    Windows is user friendly but buggy,
    Linux is crash resistant but not friendly,
    MacOS (UNIX with nice GUI) is friendly and crash resistant but you cant play first peson shooters.

  19. Tango Says:

    Sean OH, this is OT but there was a game called Marathon and was only available on the Mac. 🙂 Granted, that’s not OSX, but before that time. The company was named Bungee and later went to produce a few other well known first person shooters!

  20. Tango Says:

    Sorry, Bungie.

  21. aczarnowski Says:

    No love for Easy Peasy?

  22. Jerry Says:

    +Don’t do it! Sorry. Caught up in all of, errr ‘ma winders is ahhhhhhh, guh, er ,ahhhhhhhhhhh,guh, dammm,guh,ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,iffnnnnn ya got t, ahhhhhhhhhhh

  23. blounttruth Says:

    I load Ubuntu from disk and set bios to boot from disk. I still have Win7 on the laptop, but if I want a change of pace and to keep up with Linux I use it from time to time. Also helped alot when XP would crash, could still access data in a flash. For a travel EEEPC I have used puppy linux loaded from thumb drive and it has always been excellent for simple browsing and such.

  24. jesse Says:

    I’ve been using Ubuntu Netbook Remix on my Eee for a while now and like it for the most part. The always-maximize thing makes some windows look weird and is a little annoying sometimes, but it’s way less user-hostile than the WinXP install that came with it is. Ugh.

  25. Justin Buist Says:

    I tried Eeebuntu on my 1005HA when I first got it. Probably close to 7 months ago now. The driver for the wireless card was less than perfect so my signal was horrible. I had to jack a USB wireless card into the thing just to update it after the install.

    I eventually gave up on it for that reason alone.

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