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The Narrative

Tam thinks the targets of opportunity are questionable. Meanwhile, a plot to kill police officers (and someone Raymond Kelly to get his booger-hook off the bang-switch) doesn’t fit the narrative.

Of course, it’s gun rights activists who are terrorists! And, obviously, we must invoke Columbine.

Gawker hangs with a militia.

The Daily Show on the tea party narrative.

ETA: In light of the daily show clip, this is funny. Or sad.

3 Responses to “The Narrative”

  1. Guav Says:

    “In the Revolutionary War, they fired bullets. This time, we’re firing politicians”

    That’d make a great sign, actually.

  2. Tennessee Budd Says:

    I’ve been reading gun blogs for too long, I suppose: when I saw that story & pic earlier today, I said “Somebody needs to tell him to get his booger-hook off the bang switch.”
    Not that that’s a bad thing.

  3. Ian Argent Says:

    Hunh – I learned somthing new – there *is* actually a 9mm Hi Point rifle (carbine); and for bonus points it would appear to be the one that the Police Commish is fondling the bang-switch on. Stopped clock, or has someone at the News found Google? I thought at first they had mangled Hi Power and conflated it with a rifle.

    OTOH, if, as alleged, the gangbangers were planning to do some rooftop sniping with that thing, I have to ask WTF they were thinking? They’d be lucky to hit the sidewalk with it.