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Treatment and Disease

There’s an old gag about how the guy who’s telling folks in some radical group they should blow stuff up is the fed. And I’ve heard tales where various police agencies decide to infiltrate some group. And then they find out how every member of the group is actually an undercover police officer. The big bad militia scare is usually overstated and seems to be exacerbated by law enforcement involvement.

Now the feds are just impersonating folks:

So the FBI has now admitted they are falsely representing themselves as fake leaders of real right-of-center organizations in order to chase leads on potential extremists who threaten violence against lawmakers. This is a pretty disgusting tactic because when the story is resolved and reported, the innocent groups are being smeared through association by law enforcement officials.

But . . .

There’s always the crazies who are up to something. Yammering on about New World Orders and how shooting a meter-maid will bring about utopia.

3 Responses to “Treatment and Disease”

  1. Stormy Dragon Says:

    How long before:
    1. FBI agent pretends to be Joe Schmoe and says ‘We should attack X’
    2. Joe Schmoe gets arrested.
    3. At trial, John Bystander testifies ‘I heard Joe Schmoe say we should attack X’
    4. FBI conveniently “forgets” to mention that it was their agent who originally said it.
    5. Joe Schmoe goes to jail

  2. Billll Says:

    It’s an old book, and probably hard to find, but “Trample An Empire Down” by Mack Reynolds is a great read with just those elements.

    “You sold out to the Feds for $5000?”

    “Yes, it seemed like good money.”

    “That’s outrageous! From now on, nobody in this group sells out for less than $10,000!”

  3. John Smith Says:

    I was just having a similar discussion about the feds this morning with a guy I know. We both deduced that the person who first advocates making a bomb or taking up violence against the government works for the government.