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Due process

The US says it can target American citizens for killing. Hope and change.

6 Responses to “Due process”

  1. T Says:

    Back in February of 2006, the head of the DOJ Office of Legal Counsel admitted the President can order the summary execution of terror suspects.

    Now apparently everybody is upset because we’re admitting we’ll do it to Americans. I didn’t read any citizenship qualifiers 4 years ago. Seeing as how Obama, et al, have handled the WoT exactly the same as the Bush administration, why is anybody shocked by this?

  2. Ed Says:

    Though this is certainly cause for concern, the particular American citizen in question does deserve summary execution. By his own words, he is guilty of treason, even by our very high bar for treason. Put out a Letter of Marque and Reprisal on him and pay for his head.

    The problem with this as policy is, of course, unsettling, but in this case, I think most of us will simply be happy to be rid of the garbage that is al Awlaki.

  3. John Smith Says:

    I am just shocked that they actually said it out loud. Sounds like business as usual for the government otherwise. They just got caught not putting the right spin on it. They should have said we have linked him to south american drug gangs funding his muslim extremism and that he was really born in mexico. His death would be held up by the long line volunteers to throw the lever.

  4. straightarrow Says:

    This isn’t news. Been going on a long damned time. If it has any newsworthiness it is that it has been officially stated in public.

  5. Old Doctor Weasel Says:

    I can see the potential for abuse, so the Exec Branch and Congress should consider this carefully and write some laws or guidelines that limit the power. I expect they’ll do that right after they write laws limiting feds’ ability to grab guys off the street, like they did after Jose Padilla was nabbed. Oh, yeah, still waiting on that one.

    It’s right to kill this guy and it was right to grab Padilla, but the precedent is concerning.

  6. junyo Says:

    Citizenship is a brightline. You have a reasonable belief that a foreign national is a threat? Fukem. But a citizen gets they’re day in court, or at minimum gets killed in the act.

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