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And this is why we use holsters

And keep our booger-hooks off the bang-switch:

Mallin, 39, was shopping at a Best Buy store in Rivertree Court Shopping Center around 5:30 p.m. Monday when the .40-caliber gun tucked in his waistband went off, said Sgt. Kevin Grampo of the Vernon Hills Police Department.

The weapon discharged when either his finger or clothing got “hooked” in the trigger, Grampo said.

10 Responses to “And this is why we use holsters”

  1. SPQR Says:

    “Mexican” carry is as dumb as it looks.

  2. Shootin' Buddy Says:

    Super cool sul carry will get you good and dead just like the Captain Tactical ninjy SWAT writer Steve Malloy.

    Learn from his death, use a holster and stop carrying guns in pockets. I would say “stop being stupid” but that covers too much ground.

  3. RML Says:

    My DiSantis pocket holder rocks for the SP 101

  4. Jake Says:

    A simple Uncle Mike’s pocket holster works just fine, and is a whole lot cheaper than a hospital visit.

    When will people learn?

  5. John Says:

    This is why we also keep the safety on.

  6. Fred Says:

    But police officers have tons of training to prevent such events!!!11!

  7. John Smith Says:

    If one of us had done this there would have been charges and probably loss of the carry permit.

  8. Flighterdoc Says:

    OMG! Any brain damage?

  9. Jim Says:

    I agree with #4, even the cheapest IWB holster that Uncle Mike puts out works fine and will set you back the astounding sum of $10-12! Or, if that is too complicated, did you know that you can carry a gun out of battery!!! I know, amazing!

    You don’t have to die to be a winner of the Darwin Awards, just remove yourself from the gene pool. Blowing off your man-parts can effectively do so.

  10. Will Says:

    What are the odds this was a Glock? Article doesn’t mention it, but it was a cop, so possible.