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Poll cats


The Brady Campaign thinks they can compete on the grassroots front with us. Itís so naive that I think itís kinda cute.

Heh. The polls she links to are one-sided for the good guys.

Ya know what’s funny? There’s been a bit of press coverage over the issue. The press coverage always quotes the Brady folks. But there’s never been an organization named as encouraging folks to OC and thank Starbucks. That’s real grassroots.

2 Responses to “Poll cats”

  1. wizardpc Says:

    speaking of grassroots, last night on ABC News Radio I heard one of the analysts say something that just proves they don’t understand grassroots:

    “President Obama is mobilizing his grassroots organization…”

  2. Fred Says:

    I saw an article this morning that quoted one of the co-founders of, ah, Wall Street Journal.

    There’s a couple quotes from the pro side in there.